Celebrating our women! What it’s like to be a woman at Homeppl

March is Women’s History month, so we wanted to pay tribute to all the women in our business that are making history today. From our operation team’s analysts, account managers to customer support and more.

We went out and asked them what it’s like to work at Homeppl as a woman. Here’s what they had to say…

"Homeppl speaks to its aim of inclusivity as one of the few emerging tech startups, whose employee demographic represents the community that they serve. Homeppl is far from homogenous, which allows the brand's vision to come to fruition, as our employees are empathetic and aware of our societal needs,” says Evelyn, Ops Analyst. 

Empowering women is one of our core beliefs: ‘Come as you are’. Because at Homeppl we value being fun and wholeheartedly ourselves at work. We want our company to have a unique and memorable personality.

“Some organisations can suppress women and their contributions, for example having a whole male leadership team, Homeppl isn’t like that. It’s a place to grow and learn from each other,” says Jessica, Head of Marketing. “ We understand the gender glass ceiling has a long way to go until it is smashed, but we’re making progress. And a little progress by all in the property industry will make a difference.”

Rowan, Director of Operations, explains: “Women are overrepresented within marginal groups that can struggle to gain access to financing on fair terms. Here at Homeppl, we drive equality by guaranteeing people's liabilities to ensure they can access financial products they can afford. I am extremely proud to be part of a company that actively promotes and empowers women, within the team and in our day-to-day business.”

Plus, Sam, Senior Account Manager, says: "I joined the tech revolution at Homeppl coming up to a year ago now, and during that time have felt unconditionally supported throughout a few different obstacles, I have felt listened to, but most importantly I have felt empowered to make positive changes within the business. Regardless of gender, I can safely say I have never worked for a better company than this, it really is a pleasure to work here."

Meanwhile, Anisha, Senior Ops Analyst, adds: “I feel proud that I am part of a company that not only emphasises  and cares for inclusion, but proves it many times in several different ways. It's super refreshing!”

And our Senior Ops Analyst, Lana, sums it up perfectly: “At Homeppl, equality means accepting each person's individuality and recognising that everyone has something unique but equally valuable to offer.”

All these women make Homeppl the company it is today: Forward-looking, fast-paced and innovative, while creating inclusion on the inside and out.

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