Homeppl focuses for 2022

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2022 focuses

We’re here to create financial inclusion and enhance rental security in our industry. This remains our mission for 2022. We thought we'd share some of our other main focuses for this year…

Tech innovation

2021 saw our tech reach the next level. 

Our fraud detection technology is like no other in the market. Our new product- Heimdall - even connects fraudulent applications that are linked to let us identify those committing fraud multiple times. It does this by using machine learning and big data to scan new applicants to reveal behaviour patterns, trends and network associations previously known as fraudsters. Our technology is global - working across all markets - not just the UK.

Meanwhile, API integration has been key for us to reach our clients needs. So far, we’ve integrated with Flatfair, Roby, Reapit, Halo and Knight Frank.

New products

Our product offering is going to extend even further as we enter 2022. This includes complementary products such as Homeppl Guarantee, AML and data insights. Firstly, our guarantee product aims to eliminate agency and landlord risk by covering tenants rent through a guarantor solution. On top of this, we plan to leverage the data we are consistently collecting to add value to clients and offer unique data insights into who they are renting properties to.

Scale up

As a startup we plan to scale up even further in 2022. 2021 saw us hire 37 new people across the business, including research and development, operations, sales and marketing. We plan to keep recruiting the best people around. 

Our team is so important to us. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures - representing those who we support. Plus, we value people for their uniqueness and want everyone to ‘come as you are’.

Super customer support

Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and offering them support every step of the way is a given. Our customer support team does an amazing job of this, so we want to grow this team even larger in 2022 as we onboard more accounts.

This means we’re always here to answer any questions, offer advice or give further insights into checks.

These are just 4 of our big focuses for 2022, there are a lot more we plan on doing this year. The next 12 months are going to be so exciting for Homeppl and we hope you follow our growth.