Detect fake documents

Instantly flag disingenuous and manipulated financial and residential documents via our document analysis API or secure web portal.

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Fake or modified financial documents account for 91% of all fraud that we flag for our clients.

100 minutes

Manual document reviews often take up to 100 minutes per case to find fake information.


£40,000 is the average cost of a consumer who defaults. Fake financial documents are very costly.

Employ the latest technology in document fraud detection

The human eye is unable to detect a fake document with any degree of sophistication. Discover if your customers’ documents are real, tampered with, forged or a purchased template from the web.

Find fake fonts

Our font detection tests automatically detect all and any fonts being used on a document.

Many banks have protected font types unavailable to the public, making irregular fonts easy to uncover. This exercise highlights exactly where modifications to original documents have been made. It also indicates if the entire document is a fabricated template.

All font results are shown on our instantly generated risk report.

Find fake fonts
Check the document’s versions history

See every single version of a document side by side. Every version of a genuine document, modified and saved over its original contents, can be identified and showcased to display its authentic form.

We run each document through an image x-ray which also highlights imperfections in the document’s structure.

Check document version history
Analyse a document’s meta information

The metadata tells us which software was used to create the document; the creation and modification date of the document; the author; the extracted text and other factors.

We have an accurate white and black list of software and analyse every element of this data to form an accurate decision on authenticity.

Analyse barcode and QR codes

These digital codes provide us with the actual address of the intended recipient of a bank statement.

Many fraudsters will not know how to manipulate these images and as such is a great indicator that document fraud has been committed.

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The business benefits of finding fake documents

“We put a lot of trust in the Homeppl system and believe that it will filter out applicants that are disingenuous from the start. It’s definitely the best system that I know of out there.”

Hayley Wills, Associate Director, APO

Reduce fraud and credit loss
Reduce the risk of approving financial products without accurate information.
Save time and money with automation
Reduce manual costs by authenticating genuine documents at speed and with scale.
Protect brand reputation
Be known as a secure financial provider employing the latest in fraud technology.
Make better-informed risk decisions
Technology used by Credit Reference Agencies is still very limited. Find risk quicker.

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