Fight fraud and harness data

Stop application fraud before it becomes costly whilst gaining instant affordability insights directly from consumer bank statements.

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Analyse financial data

Utilise actionable insights based on transaction, account & financial information extracted from documents.

Reduce application fraud loss

Save resources by discarding fraudulent, risky or valueless applications at the very start of a consumer application review.

Eliminate human error

Automate tedious manual operations tasks to remove the risk of human error. Cut back on costs by streamlining application reviews.

Intelligent document analysis with Fraud Finder

Our document analysis tool detects application fraud via a secure portal or an easy-to-integrate API.

Find fraud in documents

Font detection tests demonstrate exactly where original information has been changed by flagging irregular fonts. Many fonts used by financial institutions are protected & unavailable to the public.

Authenticate the origin of any document

X-ray image analysis checks the version history of any document and highlights imperfections in the document’s structure.

Uncover the truth behind a document’s creation

We can analyse the software used to create document versions, the date the document was modified and trace its QR code to its original source.

Save 200+ hours in manual review times

All of these tests are performed with speed, and at scale. Give your consumers a seamless application process with minimum turnaround times.

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Fraud and data

Transactions analysis

Standardise all bank statements, regardless of whether your applicant chooses to connect to Open Banking or not, into a JSON file.

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Convert documents into unified code
Easily group & analyse transactions data at speed.
Identify spending patterns
Build an affordability and behavioural analysis of each applicant.
Verify income details
Spot income gaps, flag multiple income sources or fluctuations in pay.
Approve more customers
Applicants who refuse to connect to Open Banking can easily be verified
Extract key account information
Easily retrieve important account data without the risk of human error.
Flag transaction anomalies
Categorise payments and flag unusual transaction activity.

Validate information

Speed up onboarding and confirm account holder information with speed and efficiency.

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Eliminate human error

Reduce instances of spelling mistakes & missing data.

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Maximise efficiency

Automate time-draining tasks across thousands of documents.

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Scale processes

Boost productivity 10x and expand your processes with automation.

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Enhance customer experience

Incorrect or timely data processing causes friction. Remove the hiccups.

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Unlock error-free risk assessments and prevent fraud

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