Are you a BTR company?

Build to Rent (BTR) fraud is on the rise.

Our latest research shows BTR rental fraud grew by 364% over the last 6 months. This means your tenant referencing needs to work hard to catch all fraudulent applications or you’ll lose a big chunk of revenue.

And this is not just a problem in London anymore, Savills says that there are 200,000 homes in BTR completed or under development. This brings the total size of the sector to 205,500 homes ready or being built.

All this shows having an effective and efficient tenant checking system is a must. This is where we come in.

We work with BTR firms to ensure that fraud is not missed. We do this through our technology, a mix of data validation, behaviour analytics and links to Open Banking.

However, this doesn’t mean your approvals will plummet, actually we have a 25% increase in approval rates. This is because we can assess anyone across the globe.

And we’re so confident in our solution that we offer a range of services that will guarantee your rent. Protecting both you and your tenants.

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What our BTR clients say

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"We really appreciate the work of the team at Homeppl who prevent these fraudulent applicants from obtaining tenancies with us. In our initial trial period, they have identified 4 fraudulent tenant applications across a range of criteria such as identity, residence, and income. These tenancies could have left us exposed to over £130k of rent and additional costs!”

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Hayley LewisHead of Lettings, Apo Group
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“We’ve had some poor experiences in the past with other service providers that failed to detect fraud, and we are still feeling the pain today. It’s fascinating how deep Homeppl go in their research…Homeppl is our safety net - it makes a massive difference to us!”

Russell MarkouHead of Operations, Quintain

Case study

How Quintain reduced its risk exposure to fraudsters and improved tenants’ experience.