Rent guarantor,

only fairer.

Our guarantid service is great for tenants and landlords.

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How guarantid helps you?

  • Rent on fair terms

    If your landlord requires you to pay rent in advance or find a guarantor, then we are here to help remove the burden of upfront costs.

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  • Get free rent protection

    Let your property faster to creditworthy applicants and get protection similar to Rent Guarantee Insurance at no extra cost.

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  • Accept more good tenants,

    risk free

    Join our partnership program to increase your revenue, close more deals and provide better solutions to your clients.

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Why Guarantid matters?

"I was having a nightmare when I was moving during the pandemic. I decided to go with Guarantid. They were great, the person I dealt with worked really hard for me and I got my flat at the last minute, thanks to them."

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