Consumer risk and affordability checks

Assess any applicant from anywhere whilst remaining fully compliant. Leave nothing to chance nor human error with our full risk and affordability checks.

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Identify application fraud

Each applicant undergoes 150+ fraud & data enrichment tests. Find fraud & mitigate risk before it becomes costly.

Assess any applicant, get more customers

We confidently approve & guarantee more applications including international, thin-file, subprime, and high net-worth profiles.

Remain compliant with industry regulations

We verify against identity, residential and financial assessments with a single Homeppl check, ensuring compliance across industries.

Advance your risk & ops team with the full Homeppl check.

Use automation and the latest in open banking algorithms, document analysis and behavioural analysis to build a complete risk profile that goes way beyond outdated UK credit history checks.

Tweak your risk appetite to suit you

Approve customers that meet your standards. Easily tweak risk appetite based on business needs. Open your business to a world of new customers, securely.

Verify income and employment history in seconds

Quickly verify multiple income sources using open banking algorithms. Confirm employment and residential history.

Frictionless business with international consumers

Assess and guarantee the liability of quality customers overseas. Where UK credit checks omit internationals, we uncover their real risk levels.

Automate manual risk assessments

Our full consumer risk check combines our financial, residential, compliance, fraud, enrichment and document checks into one for total business security. Checks take just 1.34 days on average to complete.

Risk and affordability


Aid credit and lending decisions by turning simple applicant data into invaluable affordability insights such as spending behaviour, disposable income, non-essential v essential spending etc.

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Convert documents into unified code
Group & analyse transactions data at speed by turning any document into JSON code.
Identify spending patterns
Build an affordability and behavioural analysis of each applicant.
Verify income details
Spot income gaps, flag multiple income sources or fluctuations in pay.
Approve more customers
Applicants who refuse to connect to Open Banking can easily be verified
Cross-reference digital behaviour
Device, domain, email, social, company health and other enrichment tests are conducted.
Flag transaction anomalies
Categorise payments and flag suspicious transaction activity.

Remain compliant with KYC/AML checks

Speed up onboarding and verify account & transaction information with speed and efficiency. Remain universally compliant.

See more about KYC/AML checks>

Eliminate human error

Reduce instances of spelling mistakes & missing data.

Anti-money laundering checks

Meet regulatory requirements in customer due diligence.

Augment KYC processes

Supplement ID verification with a full financial & risk assessment.

Automate manual KYC reviews

Automate manual reviews and provide a seamless customer experience.

Make faster and smarter risk assessments

We'll provide a short no-obligation demo of each element of our fraud tech, book below:

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