Fraud Finder

Approve more customers & reduce risk

Intelligent document analysis that extracts & groups data and finds fraud.

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  • Extract transaction data

    Turn any bank statement into a standardised JSON file & analyse. Open banking results without open banking.

  • Improve decision making

    Complete KYC verification checks by using accurate data, scrutinising the authenticity of every document.

  • Automate manual reviews

    Significantly reduce customer waiting times & improve workflows by finding fraudulent documents with automation.

Save operations costs by automating manual reviews

Assess financial risk by authenticating financial documents instantly. Approve more great customers.

Speed up processes. Reduce fraud.

Build an accurate risk profile for every applicant. Features include:

Verify documents
Validate the authenticity of any document
Meta data extraction & analysis
Detect which software was used to create the document
Font analysis
Discover any irregular fonts that shouldn’t be there
Versions history analysis

See every edit made in previous versions of each document side by side

QR code analysis
Our document checker validates the original source of your document

Supercharge decision-making with financial insights

Convert all bank statements into JSON code, just like open banking.

Transactions data
Easily group, compare & analyse bank transactions
Data enrichment
Gain invaluable financial affordability insights
Account information analysis
Retrieve & compare info from documents we standardise (Bank, Sort Code etc.)
Verify income

Analyse frequency and accuracy of income sources

Use our Fraud Finder document pack today

We've put together a downloadable bank of documents for you to test our document analysis technology worry-free.

A mixture of real and fake bank statements, let's see if you can beat the Fraud Finder...

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In 2022, Our technology was shortlisted for The Negotiator's 'Technology Supplier of the Year' award, The Negotiator's 'Products & Services Supplier of the Year' award, GP Bullhound's 'Tech for Good' Award, EG Tech's 'Innovative Product' Award & UKPA's 'Social Impact' Award.

"This tool is very intuitive and quick. This is so exciting, it's a game-changer"

Piero Bassu, General Manager, RVU

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