1 way to make your landlords happy

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how to make your landlords happy

In our recent report we outline 5 ways to make landlords happy, here’s a snippet:

Getting good tenants

Do you actually know who your prospective tenants are? Your landlords want to get the right people living in their houses, that’s a given. Getting the wrong tenants can be both time consuming and resource intensive.

Out of all the fraudulent tenant references we’ve caught over the last 3 months, 33% of people faked landlord references. This means they're not able to provide a credible positive reference from who they’ve rented from before. This is a massive red flag.

The answer: Meeting the people and not doing a deal over the phone or by email is important. It’s also crucial to do detailed tenant and fraud checks to actually know who prospective tenants are —and aren’t.

This means using technology as well as requesting enough documentation, not just checking credit ratings. The tech should verify if references, salary or bank statements are actually genuine. This gives your landlords reassurance that their prospective tenants are who they say they are.

Find out more by downloading the full report here >