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Combine the power of fraud prevention & precision of risk assessment to confidently approve more consumer applications for financial products.

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Drive growth with new customers

Capturing fraud enables you to advertise your company as a market leader, utilising the latest in security-focused financial technology.

Reduce risk exposure & improve decisions

Weed out consumer applications that have been edited from the start. Base affordability decisions on verified data.

Automate manual operations

Cut costs by automating manual reviews of financial documents. Reduce consumer waiting times and remove friction.

Fraud protection and risk management for banks

According to UK Finance, banks suffered losses of £29.7m directly due to application & account opening fraud in 2021. With the cost of living crisis worsening, these figures could rise due to a growing need for access to financial products.

Fraud prevention

The UK is the world capital of fraud in financial services. Remove risky or valueless consumer applications by detecting fake or modified documents from the outset.

Learn more about Fraud Finder’s document analysis >

Instantly verify applicant income

Do you use Open Banking to verify income? Do you discard applicants that refuse to connect?

Remove friction & verify more applicants by converting all bank statements into unified code that can be scanned to verify income instantly, regardless of Open Banking connection.

Discover more about income verification >

Know your customer’s true affordability

Going through pages of bank statements is tedious. Manually estimating affordability is hard.

Analyse every consumer’s true affordability by extracting transaction and account information from statements and grouping them into easy-to-read insights.

Discover more about transaction analysis >

Ensure compliance

Regulatory compliance is essential. Ensure your company is risk-free and totally compliant by complimenting KYC checks with our risk profiling & safe onboarding AML/KYC checks.

Find out more about KYC/AML screening >


Approve more great customers

Key features of our software that help banks detect fraud and assess consumer risk.

Font detection
Discover any irregular fonts that shouldn’t be there.
Version history analysis
Highlight modifications by comparing documents with their previous versions.
Information extraction API
Speed up reviews and information extraction with end-to-end automation.
Meta data analysis
Detect which software was used to create the document and the dates of any modification.

Explore the full power of Homeppl technology

Increase the performance of your risk and ops teams by adding fraud & affordability analysis to your customer applications

Fraud & data
Prevent fraud in consumer applications with document analysis. Extract, group and analyse transactions & account information from financial documents.
Risk & affordability
Build an accurate risk and creditworthiness profile for any applicant. Get more customers by assessing ‘thin-file’ & international profiles. Maintain regulatory compliance.
Take advantage of flexible guarantees that work universally. Protect assets without common insurance friction. Add new financial products to your ecosystem.

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