Real Estate risk management solutions

Benefit from the most comprehensive financial qualification & risk profiling technology for mortgages and rentals whilst guaranteeing liabilities internationally without friction.

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Assess any applicant

Whether you’re a letting agency, a marketplace, an online portal, or your assessing risk for mortgages, we assess applicants from all countries and financial backgrounds.

Reduce risk exposure & improve decisions

Tenancy fraud has risen by 268% in the last year. Protect your business & its landlords from tenancy and mortgage fraud.

Automate manual operations

Cut costs by automating manual due diligence. Our average reference time is just 1.34 days, providing tenants with a seamless experience.

Grow revenue & safeguard your landlords’ income

Tenancy and mortgage fraud is rife as a result of the cost of living crisis. Our proprietary tech allows you to customise risk appetite to approve applicants perfect for you. Protect your reputation by keeping business risk-free with our range of fraud prevention tools.

Approve more customers

Homeppl is the foremost industry leader in tenancy fraud prevention and risk analysis. We maintain a 96% approval rate across all consumer profiles including students, self-employed, high net-worth, ‘thin-file’ and internationals meaning you can confidently approve more customers. Manage mortgage risk management with the same in-depth consumer risk technology.

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Keep up with regulatory compliance

Ensure compliance no matter where you operate. In addition to the 150+ fraud tests we run on each applicant, our AML & digital right-to-rent checks use biometric verification technology to confirm identity and signal any potential adverse media or criminal concerns.

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Guarantee internationally with ease

Guarantee the rent of any tenant we approve in any country around the world. Unlike insurance policies, our guarantees have no maximum rent value, can be taken out internationally without friction, and offer same day repay on all claims. Upsell rent protection to your landlords as a premium product.

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Knight Frank saw approval ratings soar

And you can too. ”Homeppl have a truly flexible approach which fits around the tenant and draws on a range of data sources to assess and authenticate their true financial position, meaning that more good tenants are approved without any additional risk” Kelly Fraser, Tenancy Progression Manager

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Real estate risk analysis that saves our clients millions

Homeppl can boost tenancy qualifications by up to 25%. How?

Open banking algorithms
Instant income and affordability verification for tenants.
Document analysis
Unique-in-the-industry technology that flags modifications via a number of tests.
Data enrichment
We generate key risk insights from financial, behavioural & device data
Fraud database
This scans each tenant, detecting anomalies and flagging suspected fraud rings.

Explore the full power of Homeppl technology

Increase the performance of your risk and ops teams by adding fraud & affordability analysis to your customer applications

Fraud & data
Prevent fraud in consumer applications with document analysis. Extract, group and analyse transactions & account information from financial documents.
Risk & affordability
Build an accurate risk and creditworthiness profile for any applicant. Get more customers by assessing ‘thin-file’ & international profiles. Maintain regulatory compliance.
Take advantage of flexible guarantees that work universally. Protect assets without common insurance friction. Add new financial products to your ecosystem.

The UK's cheapest guarantor provider

Homeppl guarantid options available for tenants, letting agents, universities, students and build-to-rent developers.

Homeppl Guarantid for letting agents and BTR developers

Our rental income protection product, Homeppl Guarantid can be upsold to landlords to offering extra protection.

Unlike traditional rental insurance, we'll: cover partial defaults, guarantee losses from as little as £1, pay out claims the exact same day their made and cover tenants internationally.

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Guarantid for tenants

We help tenants avoid costly upfront rent payments by becoming their legal guarantor. Easy to set up and cheapest in the UK by at least 50%, our guarantor service helps employed tenants, students, internationals, and benefits recipients secure rental property on fair terms.

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Demo the tech making consumer risk assessment more simple in real estate

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