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Make faster, smarter and more accurate credit and loan decisions using advanced consumer risk and financial fraud detection software.

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Prevent application fraud

UK finance suffered losses of £700m in fraud in the first half of 2022. With more consumers needing credit, fraud is spiking.

Get instant access to affordability insights

Replace cumbersome credit agency checks and limited data with a wealth of income and affordability data points.

Convert more customers

Homeppl clients approve up to 25% more customers by expanding financial access securely to international and ‘thin-filed’ consumers.

Add fraud and risk analysis to each customer application

1.3 billion consumer applications for financial products were registered in 2021. With the global economic crisis, even more applications are at greater risk. We’ve detected fraud in up to 10% of qualifications this year.

Increase lending and credit approvals

Unlink credit referencing agencies, we confidently assess and approve customers from all profiles, including student, ‘thin-file’, international and high net worth profiles. Our comprehensive risk qualification assessment includes financial, residential, identity, fraud, employer, and criminal persona checks... leaving nothing to chance.

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Mitigate application fraud loss & risk

Tweak your risk appetite and only approve consumers you want to work with. Weed out valueless or fraudulent consumer applications early with our advanced document analysis API.

Make better credit decisions with instant analysis of transactions data securely extracted straight from an applicant’s bank statement.

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Guarantee the risk

Once we’ve qualified consumers that meet your criteria, we’ll assume the risk associated with the loan. Our asset and liability guarantees are universal, customisable, and pay out on claims the very same day.

Pass down our guarantee as premium protection products for additional revenue streams.

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Optimise KYC & operations flows

Save money and time by automating the tedious manual review processes associated with approving loan applications.

Our unique document processing technology can find fraud and offer insights in seconds, whilst our full financial qualification check takes on average just 1.34 days to complete.

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Lending fraud prevention technology

Click below to discover how we used powerful document automation technology to reduce fraud and cut operational cost for Portman Asset Finance.

Open banking algorithms
Instant income and affordability verification for tenants.
Advanced document analysis
Unique-in-the-industry technology that flags modifications via a number of tests.
Data enrichment
We generate key risk insights from financial, behavioural & device data
Turn bank statements into unified code
Regardless of Open Banking connection, convert any document into JSON code.

Lending risk assessment software

Whether you offer mortgages, auto-financing, asset finance or consumer loans, with Fraud Finder you can prevent the risk of lending fraud.

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Small business lennding
Automate your workflows, reduce operational friction and identify fraudulent financial documents at the point of application.
Motor finance lending
Instantly identify fake proof of address, financial and ID documents in vehicle, asset and car finance loan applications.
Real Estate house image on blue
Perfect for lenders and brokers to ensure residential, BTL, bridging & commercial mortgage applications are free from document fraud.

Explore the full power of Homeppl technology

Increase the performance of your risk and ops teams by adding fraud & affordability analysis to your customer applications

Fraud & data
Prevent fraud in consumer applications with document analysis. Extract, group and analyse transactions & account information from financial documents.
Risk & affordability
Build an accurate risk and creditworthiness profile for any applicant. Get more customers by assessing ‘thin-file’ & international profiles. Maintain regulatory compliance.
Take advantage of flexible guarantees that work universally. Protect assets without common insurance friction. Add new financial products to your ecosystem.

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Prevent lending fraud from impacting your business at the point of application

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Loan underwriting technology for small business lenders
Automate your workflows, reduce operational friction and identify fraudulent financial documents at the point of application...
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Motor finance underwriting technology
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