Financial inclusion for all

financial inclusion renting

At Homeppl our main aim is to create financial inclusion for all.

What this means is bringing equality of opportunity to people and allowing businesses to safely transact with more consumers to access financial related products.

In practice we're focusing on the rental industry to let those that can’t pass traditional referencing checks - which usually rely on traditional credit history - to get a home. We do this by using all the data now available. We created a system to dive deeper into tenant checking by using data validation, Open Banking links and behaviour analysis, rather than just payslips.

This allows those who usually can’t rent find a home.

So far, we’ve saved tenants on average £1.1k they would have to spend on financing rent upfront. On top of this we’ve helped 100,000 people rent the property they want based on their own data, rather than consumer credit history.

Our values drive us as a company. We believe in:

We operate with openness, honesty and respect. We celebrate diversity of thought and value actionable feedback on how we can all improve.

Homeppl is a family. By working together to solve problems, we achieve more. Everyone is encouraged to ask for and offer support.

We love what we do. We deliver a positive impact on the world, and have fun! Our drive helps us to find solutions others haven’t thought of.

We aim in the future to drive more financial inclusion by expanding our presence, and partnerships and growing our team.

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