How to rent your first home: A short step-by-step guide

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Whether you’re coming to the UK as a student or self-employed, renting a home for the first time can be a daunting task. Here we put together some key points to help you find the perfect place...
Choose who you’re living with

Will you be living alone or with a partner or housemate? This will impact your property size, location, budget (which we cover next).decide on renting budget

Decide your budget

Be realistic about your budget in terms of your income. Can you afford rent, bills as well as your own living expenses at the same time? Don’t set a budget that means you’ll be living on beans on toast every month.

pick a location to live in london

Figure out if you need a guarantor

Will your estate agent or landlord ask you for a guarantor to back you up? This could be a friend or family member, but if you don’t have this option, professional guarantor services are available - like us!

pick a location to live in london

Pick a location

Are you looking to live in a big city, or do you rather the country air? This decision will impact what you can get for your money. For example, living in a city - like London - will cost more than living in a small countryside village in Kent.

visit properties before renting in lodon

Visit a range of properties

Don’t just visit a few properties, get out there and visit as many as you can to really understand what’s a ‘must’ and what’s ‘nice to have’.

make a rental offer on a property in london

Make an offer

Make an offer on your favourite property. But, keep in mind your budget and living costs, so you can live there stress-free. If someone outbids you, remember to keep your budget in mind, there will always be other places.

Move in!

Now this is the fun bit - making a house a home. Although moving day might be a drag, when all of your belongings are in your house or flat you can begin to make it yours. Whether that’s displaying your books on a beautiful self, picking positions for your collection of houseplants or where your TV will be.

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