The May Fraud Monthly Round Up

Monthly Fraud Round Up - May

The Homeppl detectors were busy last month!

Our new monthly round up details all the fraud we've caught over the calendar month!

With the cost of living crisis and the rental market both spiralling, fraud is on the rise.

Here's what we've discovered this month...

30 cases of fraud found in May

That's right! In one month alone our team have detected 30 cases of fraud in total.

In the last week of May we identified 14 fraudulent rental applications on behalf of our clients which saved them a total value of £540,793 in potential default and legal costs.

The highest value saved for a single case in May came to a staggering £88,965.

Deep Dive: How our unique Document Analysis saved the DMay

Document Analysis is an essential tool in our repertoire.

Here's a case study of a fraudulent HSBC bank document we received this month as part of a routine check...

All the highlighted colours on the below bank statement are areas
that have been tampered with.

The account balance deposits and outgoings have been modified and do not reflect the applicant’s true financial history. This leaves landlords and agents exposed to risk of default.

We can also identify when the document being submitted was first created:

document analysis on PDFs

For instance, this bank statement was modified an entire year later than its creation date using a free online PDF modification tool called iLovePDF.

We were also able to see that the address lifted from our barcode identifier is different to the original address on the statement:

Barcode identifier

Forefront of fraud detection

This is just a small selection of the 150+ tests each application goes through during one of our checks.

Tenant referencing is much more than credit check and a phone call to us. We go the extra mile to uncover the true financial validity of tenants.

Our platform is your power

Our technology uses:

  • Behaviour analysis

  • Data enrichment

  • Links to Open Banking

... to really assess tenants. Avoiding 100% of fraud and guaranteeing rent.

These are the first-hand results. Why don't you play our fraud or not fraud quiz!

Landlords protect their properties. Agents protect their revenue & relationships.

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