Finding Accommodation as a Student

Moving in student

Some of us have been there, new year, new classes, new people, new experiences.

It is a mix of excitement and stress that you can only truly enjoy once you are actually living it. But, what happens before that?

If you are a student in the UK, chances are, you need accommodation and let's just say the market is fierce. After battling your way into getting into your university of choice, now you are fighting again for a roof over your head.

The biggest struggle when it comes to finding a place is the fact that landlords do not trust students or anyone who cannot present a steady income.

The reality is that most landlords still view renting to students as a high-risk business. There is the fear of damage to the property and the opinion that student income is just not good enough.

As a student, in order to rent a property, you will be asked to either present a UK-based guarantor or pay in advance.

What do you do?

The answer is simple: find a rent guarantor!

There are two ways you can go about this, so you do have options: You either know someone that lives in the UK, that earns a certain amount of money or owns a property...or you find yourself a professional guarantor.

The first option is quite self-explanatory so we won’t go into too much detail, but every agency will ask for very specific requirements when it comes to an individual guarantor, however, the 3 above are a must.

Now we can dive into the professional guarantor part…

Professional guarantors are companies that provide a guarantor service. This means that - in exchange for a fee - this company will act as your guarantor for the duration of your tenancy.

Professional guarantors can help students in the following situations:

1. Receiving student finance

2. Newly arrived in the UK or planning to move soon

3. In a part-time job

4. Expenses being covered by family

When it comes to professional guarantors, they also deal with your letting agency and/or landlord for you. They are there to help you through the whole process of getting the perfect place, even if you haven’t found it yet.

We give you the tools for moving to a new place in the UK, now it’s your turn to get searching for that little corner of the country that you will call home until you finish your studies.

Remember that even if it sounds stressful and if you face barriers, help is always available.

A great Headmaster once said: “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.” We firmly believe that finding a place in the UK for your university years will be easier than you think, all you need to do is get cracking.

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