A rent guarantor that has your back

Homeppl Guarantid helps everyone save money by replacing expensive upfront rent payments with a low-cost alternative.

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A fair rental guarantor designed for tenants

We take the pain out of moving by acting as your professional guarantor for as little as 3 weeks rent.

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Easily get guaranteed
We can give you a decision instantly and set up as your guarantor in as little as 1 day.
We help anyone, anywhere
We look out for everyone, including students, internationals, self-employed and those on benefits.
UK’s lowest rates
Spend your money on what matters. Our unique tech allows us to be up to 50% cheaper than other competitors. Magic.

How it works

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    Apply online

    Fill in our quick form to find out 
if you’re qualified to use us. We instantly pre-approve most people who apply, and if you have a question, our team will respond to you immediately.

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    Get approved

    Choose from a variety of payment options. We offer flexible payment models - either a low one-time payment, or even lower monthly payments.

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    Move in!

    We’ll let your landlord or agency know that we guarantee your rent, and you’re all set to move in!

What are Guarantors and why do you need one?

Landlords and letting agents may ask you for a guarantor. This means they need someone to guarantee your rent payments if you cannot pay rent.

So, a guarantor is someone that is responsible for meeting your rent and will pay out if you can't. But, it's hard to find a guarantor. A guarantor often needs to earn £84,000 per annum for every £2,000 of monthly rent, be based in the UK, and even own a UK property. That is why Homeppl Guarantid exists. We're here to help you secure your perfect property.

It’s time to make a house your home!

We believe all renters are equal, so we don’t rely on unfair, out-dated systems like credit scoring to assess people. Instead, we use the latest tech that can correctly identify if you’ll be a good tenant - whoever you are and wherever you’re from.

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guarantid's trustpilot score


We know you may have many 
questions for us!

If you do not see your question here, try our FAQs where we have some more information for you. Otherwise, you can reach out to our customer support team here or call us on 0208 0897709.

    Usually around 1 to 3 business days.

    If you are employed/self-employed, your annual income needs to be 22x your monthly share of the rent.

    You cannot be unemployed.

    Your only source of income cannot be benefits. You can be in receipt of benefits, however, they cannot be over 20% of your overall income.

    If you are a student you need to have a friend or family member that will act as your co-signer.

    You cannot have an active CCJ.

    We will always request your Right to Rent document: this can be either your passport or visa if applicable. We will also need your proof of address: this can be a bank statement/payslip/official letter dated within the last 3 months under your name.

    If you’re a student, we will need your proof of study and co-signer contact details. Your co-signer will need to provide ID and proof of income.

    If you’re employed/self-employed we will require proof of income which can be via bank statements, payslips or your last SA302.

    We'll be your guarantor for the duration of your tenancy agreement. If you're unable to pay your rent at any time, we'll send the landlord 100% of what you owe.

    After that, we will work with you towards a repayment plan that fits your situation with no credit agencies and no interest fees applied.

    We cover missed rental payments, but not damage to property as part of the guarantee.