The June Fraud Monthly Round Up

Monthly Fraud Round Up June

Over £1m of fraud caught for our clients in June 2022

It's been another successful month at Homeppl HQ as we wave goodbye to June 👋 

Our unique tenant reference check technology identified 22 separate cases of Fraud in June with an eye-watering total value of £1,240,378.16.

Total cases of fraud caught in June 2022

Many of the cases we caught have very high monthly rent values all across the United Kingdom.

One tenancy fraudster attempted to defraud one of our BTR clients out of £121,334 in Greater London! Not on our watch.

Fraud spotlight

Let's shine a spotlight on some of the cases that we caught to show how sneaky some people can be in their bid to sublet high-value properties in the UK.

Fake utility bill

Fake utility bill

As a supporting document, a South East London-based fraudster was asked to provide a utility bill as proof of address. Standard practice.

However, as our document analysis technology has helped to uncover, this Thames Water monthly statement has been manipulated using an online document editor.

Each colour represents a different font. For example, in the 2nd screenshot, '20th April 2022' has two different fonts in the same sentence. This is an obvious attempt from the tenant to conceal his/her address in April. This is likely a bill for an old property.

Fake bank statement

Central London seems to be a hotspot for tenancy fraud and one of our applicants was asked to provide a bank statement as proof of income.

Little did the chancer know we can read the barcode at the top of their fake bank statement which, when decoded, lead to a different address than the original bank statement source.

This statement has clearly been lifted from a third party and does not correlate with the applicant's true financial history.

barcode decoder fake email address

The same applicant claimed to have worked for a certain company, however that company was only formed 1 month ago according to publicly available records!

Tenant Referencing Re-Imagined

It is so important as Britain's cost of living crisis swells that letting agents and especially BTRs are using a referencing solution that can detect fraud every single time before it becomes costly.

Many other referencing companies will verify income by simply telephoning the company. This is not good enough and easily faked.

Homeppl set the industry standard for thorough checking with over 150+ fraud detection tests.

Our technology uses:

There really is nothing else available in the UK quite like it.

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