Fraud Finder Recognised as a Top Innovator in FinCrimeTech50 List

Homeppl proudly announces its inclusion in the inaugural FinCrimeTech50 list, unveiled by FinTech Global.

In what is its first-ever edition, specialist research company FinTech Global has officially launched the FinCrimeTech50, a new list of the most innovative tech companies that are leading the fight against money laundering, fraud and financial crime in financial services.

The financial services landscape

The current geopolitical and economic landscape has intensified the challenges faced by financial crime prevention teams. Rapid updates to PEPs and sanctions lists, the complexity introduced by the adoption of real-time payments, and the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by both criminals and professionals pose significant challenges for compliance teams.

This mounting pressure is prompting an increase in compliance budgets, with nearly 50% of firms exploring new technologies or capabilities to manage these challenges, according to a report from ComplyAdvantage.

The FinCrimeTech50 - A list of leading fintech innovators

Given this backdrop, the FinCrimeTech50 highlights the trend-setters in the world of anti-financial crime and financial fraud prevention space who are focused on supporting businesses in developing their financial crime risk management strategies.

The finalists were selected by a distinguished panel of analysts and industry experts. The judges were given the task to review a list of over 400 nominated enterprises with FinTech Global providing detailed information on each business to help reach a decision.

FinTech Global director Richard Sachar said,

As global financial crime trends continue to rise, compliance teams face growing datasets that outpace traditional tools. Given this pressure financial institutions are increasingly turning to AI to improve their fraud prevention, biometrics, risk management tools, process automation, and data analytics.

“The FinCrimeTech50 list will help senior compliance professionals filter through all the solution providers in the market by highlighting the tech leaders in the market who can help financial institutions stay ahead of fraudsters and criminals in 2024 and beyond.

A complete list of the FinCrimeTech50 and further information about each company is available to download for free at

Alexander Siedes, CEO of Homeppl, expressed his excitement at the company's recognition, stating,

We are delighted to see Fraud Finder included on this inaugural list of innovative tech companies fighting crime and reducing risk in the finance industry having only launched this product last year. Fraud is all too prevalent and is only getting worse with the rise in technology available to fraudsters as well as the motives to commit document fraud becoming even more stark. Fraud Finder is committed to continual innovation to keep document fraudsters at bay.

Fraud Finder stands out for its exceptional capabilities in detecting fraud across a wide array of financial documents, including bank statements, utility bills, and payslips. Leveraging advanced technology, Fraud Finder analyses over 215 fraud signals in each document, delivering results in under 30 seconds on average. By replacing manual document reviews with data-driven insights, Fraud Finder empowers organisations to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency in fraud prevention.

As global financial crime trends continue to escalate, the importance of leveraging innovative technologies like Fraud Finder cannot be overstated. By providing financial institutions with the tools they need to stay ahead of fraudsters and criminals, Fraud Finder is shaping the future of financial crime prevention.

Companies can trial Fraud Finder for free and replace human document assessment with data-driven automation. Get in touch here.

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