Homeppl and Guarantid have come together under the umbrella of Homeppl!

brand merger

The time has come for our 2 brands to come together under the name ‘Homeppl’. Our tenant qualification solution will now sit alongside our rental guarantor offering. This brings our mission to create financial inclusion in rentals under one roof. 

Previously, the Homeppl and Guarantid brands sat apart. Homeppl created unique technology that prevents rental fraud and qualifies tenants, working with letting agencies, online marketplaces, and Build To Rent companies. Meanwhile, Guarantid was licensing Homeppl’s technology to offer rental guarantees to a range of people who are required to have a guarantor, from international students to the self-employed. Now our tenant and business offerings will both fall under Homeppl.

Alexander Siedes, our CEO and founder, explains: “We’ve made the crucial step of bringing our 2 brands together to underscore our mission: Creating financial inclusion. This move will see both the brands merging to become one large Homeppl! This includes the renamed Homeppl Qualify where we assess and qualify tenants, as well as Homeppl Guarantid where we offer rental guarantee services to a vast amount of qualified people.”

On top of this, we have now made Homeppl Guarantid available for business.  Homeppl Guarantid  is an offering that guarantees our recommendation. We simply put our money where our mouth is. We are so confident in our outstanding technology that we will guarantee the rent of any tenant that we have approved, thereby securing the full rental income of our clients. Our fraud and risk assessment technology uses machine-learning models and instant decision engines to analyse hundreds of features per transaction, including documents, device footprint, and rental background. Previously, Guarantid was just available to consumers who were required to have a guarantor, so opening it up aims to broaden our offering.

The product secures rental income as well as offering same day payments and covers any rent default. This means we pay rent payments all the time, and on time. 

Alexander Siedes, our CEO and Founder, goes on: “I’m so excited to be launching Homeppl Guarantid This demonstrates the strength of our technology and that we are willing to guarantee the rent liabilities of the tenants that we approve, starting from as little as £1.” 

You can find out more about our Homeppl Guarantid here >

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