How tenants choose their homes

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how tenants choose their homes

We spoke to members of the Homeppl team to discover why they chose to rent their homes…

Transport links were top of all our team's agenda. Ozair, who lives in Woolwich, said the size of the flat and price of the rent were essential, plus: “It has great transport links”. Anisha who lives in Chigwell also said transport links were key, but mentioned: “I mainly chose mine to be close to family and the lovely area.” The same can be said for other members of our team. Chris moved to Shadwell from up north because of the transport links and proximity to the office.

Hamzah who lives in Leyton explained the importance of being in the right place: “Well, I moved from my last place just at the end of Lockdown 2, and one thing that has been really apparent to me during the course of the pandemic, is that being close to friends and family is a real life-line. So, I wanted to move somewhere that was still close to them. And, I wanted to be near greenery, because...seeing trees rather than pavements really does improve your mood.”

On the other hand, some of our team had other reasons for picking their home. Nelson highlighted that other factors played into his choice of home in East Ham, he said: “Other factors included a nearby park, walking distance grocery shops, not too far from the Olympic Park and large shopping centre.” Meanwhile, Marina chose to live in Archway because “they accepted pets, we have a garden for the cat, it's quite big and reasonably priced.”

Moving out of a family home also played a role in some of our team's house search. Archie who lives in Maidstone said: “Firstly I needed to move out my parents, I love them but we were starting to get on each other's nerves. Secondly I have over 200 house plants and I needed a place with a lot of light! Finally, I needed to start being an adult!”

Being close to friends and places to go out was important to many of our team members. Harry chose to live in Clapham because: “it’s full of young people, there’s always something going on and I ended up spending the majority of time down there, so it made sense to move there.”

Looking beyond the UK, Natasha in Tel Aviv shared: “Researching for an apartment in Tel Aviv is not easy! There is a huge demand and not enough supply. I made my decision on which apartment to choose based on price per square meter, proximity to the beach and shops, and level of renovation. I had then had some bonus amenities I was looking out for, but were not deal breakers such as balcony and full bath."

When looking for a new home everyone has their own ‘wish list’, but many of us believe location to be a key ingredient!