Is your current referencing up to scratch?

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is your tenant referencing up to scatch?

Do you have the right referencing tools to do your job?

Most agencies use some kind of online reference/background check service to check their prospective tenant’s details.

However, many of the referencing services currently available are poorly equipped to detect tenancy fraud. This is because their systems rely largely on credit scoring or open banking to assess a tenant’s financial ability, rather than up-to-date fraud protection tools.

While fraudulent tenants have become more sophisticated in their activities, most reference checking services have not kept up, let alone kept ahead of fraudsters. At Homeppl, our referencing service is designed to assess the true financial history and ability of modern tenants.

Our reference checks correctly approve 25% more tenants than traditional services, while identifying signs of fraud that other services miss.

Our fraud tests always include an amalgamation of:

  • Data enrichment

  • Behavioural analysis

  • Documents analysis

  • Open Banking algorithms.

This gives you the ability to assess any person from anywhere around the world and keep landlords safe from fraud.

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