The State of Lettings Fraud, Jan- Sep 2023

Essential fraud trends that letting agents, landlords, & BTRs must understand to protect their businesses & assets going into 2024.

We’ve saved our clients a total of £17.12m between January and September 2023.

In this report, we share the numbers, the cases, the most common-fraudster profiles and top tips to protect your agency and your landlords during the final quarter of the year.

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What does this report include?

Threats to Landlords and Agencies

When economic conditions are tough, fraud increases. When access to rental properties becomes harder, people are more likely to lie on their applications to gain priority access. The average cost to a landlord of evicting a tenant in default is now £65,000. Tenants who conceal their true financial and residential history are significantly more likely to default.

Fraudster Profile

We've crunched the data. Here are the most common characteristics in fraudulent applications from January '23 to September '23.

Fraud Finder

Document fraud, new domains, data enrichment issues... See how fraudsters are getting past your systems in 2023 and How Homeppl are combatting them.