Tenancy fraud in the UK: 2023 data & trends

The latest must see data for all vigilant letting agents, landlords and BTR developers looking to protect landlord income & reputation in 2023.

Tenancy Fraud has increased by 120% since January '22

Download to see the latest fraud data, common UK fraudster profiles, a UK map of the hottest fraud areas, 2023 trends and tech-based solutions specialised for letting agencies.

What does this report include?

The greatest threats facing letting agencies & landlords

The cost of living crisis has worsened with rents rising, mortgages spiralling, energy prices rising. Landlords are more at risk of becoming victims to financial risk and fraud. See the numbers...

Fraudster Profile

We've crunched the data. Here are the most common characteristics in fraudulent applications from January '22 to January '23.

Fraud Finder

Document fraud, new domains, data enrichment issues... See how fraudsters are getting past your systems in 2023 and How Homeppl are combatting them.