Homeppl now offer fully digital Right to Rent checks to tenants

Digital Right to Rent Check

We're incredibly excited to announce that Homeppl is now offering digital Right to Rent (R2R) checks as part of our full tenant referencing solution!

Adding digital R2R checks to our referencing flow means that our customers will be able to:

  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk

  • Automate tedious manual passport reviews

  • Be confident in R2R assessment with clear confirmation of ID verification on our risk reports generated for every client

  • Offer flexibility to tenants to complete R2R checks at any time of the day

This also means tenants will no longer have to visit an agent's office to pass a referencing check, but instead can do it digitally from a location convenient to them.

Here is a snapshot of how the flow looks as part of our tenant journey:

What exactly are Right to Rent checks?

Right to Rent checks are the customary system that requires letting agents and landlords to verify a tenant's legal status by reviewing and recording original documents as part of their verification procedure before renting to them.

This legal standard was created to ensure that prospective tenants of properties are legally entitled to be in the UK and was brought about under the Immigration Act 2014.

Digital Right to Rent checks

Homeppl uses certified identity verification technology to digitally verify the identity and eligibility of British and Irish nationals to rent in the UK.

Commenting on the development, Alexander Siedes, CEO, says

We’re delighted to be a market leader in offering letting agencies and tenants the convenience to complete the Right to Rent checks digitally rather than in person. Homeppl is all about creating financial inclusion and helping tenants secure rental property more seamlessly and integrating this ID verification step into an easy digital flow was imperative for us. During the cost of living crisis, we seek to alleviate any unnecessary stress on the moving process for tenants enrolled in the Homeppl referencing journey.

The digital R2R check is already available for service and can be integrated into Homeppl tenant referencing checks should letting agents wish to make use of it.

If you're reading this as a lettings agent or Build-to-rent developer and wish to offer digital R2R checks for your prospective tenants, then please book a demo of our technology here, further peruse our advanced tenant referencing solutions or get in touch with Paul-Nicolas using paul-nicolas@homeppl.com

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