Making compliance simple in consumer applications

Satisfy KYC compliance across markets with our comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Digital identity verification checks.

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Consumer applications for financial products are reviewed globally every year. Homeppl finds up to 10% of applications contain fraud.


Losses due to UK financial fraud in the first half of 2022. Optimise your risk decisioning with instant verification of your customers’ transactions.


Hours of manual labour relating to account opening can be automated and made far more efficient with our technology.

Compliance and AML checks across markets

Satisfy the ever-changing regulatory demands of financial services locally and internationally with our fully compliant Right-to rent, KYC and AML checks.

AML compliance software

Conduct PEP and sanction checks utilising politically exposed, criminal sanctions and adverse media watchlists.

KYC software

Optimise manual KYC/KYB processes with in-depth risk and financial assessment technology.

Digital identity verification

We utilise biometric recognition technology to verify identity, open accounts and authenticate ID documents.

Homeppl full check

Our most comprehensive financial risk assessment assesses financial, residential, identity, fraud, employer and criminal persona checks

risk and affordability

Compliance checks

“We’ve been most impressed with Homeppl’s ability to identify fraudsters. They have done this on numerous occasions and saved us thousands of pounds”

Kelly Fraser, Associate, Knight Frank

Minimise fraud exposure
Discard any applicant that flags for suspicious or criminal history.
Onboard new customers at scale
Use Open Banking and automated AML checks to onboard customers faster.
Protect your brand’s reputation
Verify customers that meet your requirements and manage reputational risk.
Verify internationally with confidence
Keep up with changing regulatory demands across international borders.
Cut operations costs
Save money and time by outsourcing and automating manual KYC processes.
Augment current KYC flows
Don’t just rely on ID verification. Bolster security with financial & risk assessment too.

Sectors we serve

Protecting against risk and preventing fraud across industries and borders.

Protect against the growing risk of fraud in credit, business loan & vehicle finance applications.

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Expand financial access to more quality customers by assessing thin-filed and international applicants.

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Scale your business by enhancing efficiency with automation & customise risk appetite to suit you.

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Real Estate

5% of properties are rented to fraudsters. Check for ID, financial and residential suitability at speed.

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