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Instantly authenticate genuine documents and flag document fraud through our secure web portal or easy-to-integrate API.

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Up to 10% of consumer applications contain fraud. 91% of the fraud we flag comes in the form of modifications to financial documents.


Losses due to UK financial fraud in the first half of 2022. This is only set to increase as more people turn to loans and credit to pay for basic bills.

100 minutes

In-house risk teams spend up to 100 minutes assessing one consumer application and are prone to making human mistakes.

Approve more customers, reduce risk

Application fraud is on the rise across all financial services. Automated document analysis acts as the first line of defence, flagging document modifications at the point of quote.

Discard risky or fraudulent applications

Easily identify and discard any applicant that flags against a number of document authenticity tests. Risk reports are generated instantly.

Improve decision making

Base decisions on proven fraud technology and raw data validated from genuine documents only.

Automate manual document reviews

Save on operational costs and reduce human error by accurately validating account holder and bank-specific details at scale.

Use through a secure web app or API

Check hundreds of documents at a time with our API. Please customers with fast turnaround times.

Fraud and data

Speed up processes. Reduce fraud.

“We’ve been most impressed with Homeppl’s ability to identify fraudsters. They have done this on numerous occasions and saved us thousands of pounds”

Kelly Fraser, Associate, Knight Frank

Verify documents
Validate the authenticity of any financial or residential document in seconds.
Image x-ray analysis
Analyse document structure, highlighting imperfections.
Meta-data extraction & analysis
Detect the creation software, modification time stamps, meta information, author etc.
Versions history check
See all versions of the document that exist side-by-side.
Font analysis
Examine document fonts and find irregular fonts that differ from the original.
QR and barcode analysis
Scan document barcodes to determine their source.

Sectors we serve

Protecting against risk and preventing fraud across industries and borders.

Protect against the growing risk of fraud in consumer, business loan & vehicle finance applications.

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Expand financial access to more quality customers by assessing thin-filed and international applicants.

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Scale your business by enhancing efficiency with automation & customise risk appetite to suit you.

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Real Estate

5% of properties are rented to fraudsters. Check for ID, financial and residential suitability at speed.

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