UK Guarantor Service for Internationals

We make it easy to rent in the UK when moving from abroad.

The number one rent guarantor for internationals moving to the UK

Renting a property in the UK can be difficult when you are coming from overseas either as a student or a working professional.

Not everyone has access to a guarantor. Many landlords in the United Kingdom will not accept a relative from overseas even act as a rent guarantor.

That's where we step in. Our rent guarantor process is cheap and easy to follow. Get approved in two minutes by applying here.

How to secure your guarantor today

Get in touch
Submit a few basic details & you’ll hear from us immediately with a decision.
We’ll sign a document
Pay a small one-off fee & upload a few documents. We'll sign a legal guarantor document dictating that we’ll pay your rent if you’re unable to.
You show the document to your landlord or agency
Show them this legal agreement and move in!
Enjoy your tenancy
We’ll be your guarantor for the duration of your rental agreement. If you can’t pay your rent at any time, we’ll cover 100% of the cost.

We save international tenants money every day

  • £20.71m

    Total money saved to tenants since Oct' 2020
  • £1,100

    is the average amount we save our employed applicants on upfront costs.
  • 208

    Countries we serve. Our tech is borderless. We can help you move in to UK or International properties.

    Secure your dream UK home quickly & without fuss.

    Securing a rental property as an expat or international tenant has never been so easy.

    Non-UK based tenants we’ve helped in the past…

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    "The Homeppl Guarantid team were really helpful with my application process"

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    "Excellent service. The team were very helpful and patient. I was happy to secure the property I wanted"

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    We know you may have many 
questions for us!

    If you do not see your question here, try our FAQs where we have some more information for you. Otherwise, you can reach out to our customer support.

      On average around 3 business days, but you'll get a response from us as soon as possible.

      You'll be finding your student accommodation in no time!

      If you are a student you need to have a friend or family member that will act as your co-signer.

      You cannot have an active CCJ.

      We'll be your guarantor for the duration of your tenancy agreement. If you're unable to pay your rent at any time, we'll send the landlord 100% of what you owe.

      After that, we will work with you towards a repayment plan that fits your situation with no credit agencies and no interest fees applied.

      We cover missed rental payments, but not damage to property as part of the guarantee.

      A rent guarantor is somebody who acts as a legal third party who steps in to pay the rent of the tenant should the tenant be unable to do so.

      We’re a rent guarantor company for professionals that provides that necessary legal document to those who cannot get a personal connection to assume this role.

      Homeppl Guarantid are the cheapest guarantor service on the market. We charge 5.8% of the total share of your rent covering a 12 month agreement. This works out to be approximately three weeks rent.

      You'll be sent to our online portal where you can upload the documents we need to validate. We accept 90% more tenants than traditional validation methods due to our new technology that looks at tenants more fairly.

      You’ll get a decision from us regarding your approval almost instantly. Then we take between one and three days to validate your documents.

      We can! Our validation methods are much fairer than traditional systems and we accept 90% more tenants than some of our competitors. If you’re new to the country or have a low UK credit score, just apply. You’ll find out in minutes whether we can guarantee your rent.

      If you have an active CCJ, we cannot act as your rent guarantor.

      If your CCJ is satisfied or is older than 6 years then please submit your form - we may be able to help you!

      You can either

      • Keep your application and continue your house hunt 

      • Request a refund and come back when you’ve found your new property!

      All existing users will be offered a 10% discount to stay on with us once your 12-month agreement is over.

      Becoming a guarantor makes the person asked liable to cover the rent if you cannot. As a professional guarantor agency, we’re in the best position to cover you.