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Verify employment, referencing and residential history. Extract information and organise it efficiently with automation. Streamline recruitment, onboarding and offboarding processes.

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Build a full risk profile

Conduct extensive financial, employment, behavioural and residential assessments on each applicant.

Speed up employee onboarding

Use intelligent data extraction to gather important employee details from identity, financial and residential documents.

Automate manual operations

Reduce manual effort when analysing and extracting information. Refocus the HR team on more operationally critical objectives.

Essential employee background checks pre-hire

Validate future employee information, speed up onboarding and save business costs during a global economic downturn.

Verify previous employment

Homeppl is the perfect referencing partner for a global hiring team as we confidently assess all profiles, including student, ‘thin-file’, international and high net-worth profiles. Our comprehensive qualification assesses financial, residential, identity, fraud, employer, and criminal persona checks... leaving nothing to chance.

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Conduct ID and visa checks

Reviewing the finer details of passports, visa documentation and right-to-work documents can be time-consuming. Manual reviews often lead to errors and onboarding friction.

Homeppl utilises biometric identification technology as well as document extraction to vastly speed the process up.

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Identify behavioural risk signals

Assess each prospective employee against enrichment tests which can validate previous company structure and formation, spot fake email addresses and website domains, scan social media profiles and flag manipulations in employment documents.

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Hire internationally

Hire globally across markets without friction. Navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape involved with overseas hires.

Our technology can verify the risk of international applications. Use the latest in Open Banking algorithms to verify accurate income and affordability information in seconds.

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Human resources

Find fake information in job applications

“This tool is very intuitive and quick. This is so exciting, it's a game-changer”

Piero Bassu, General Manager, RVU

150+ fraud tests
Detect fake information provided in an employee’s supporting documentation.
Advanced document analysis
Find modifications to the fonts, structure, metadata, barcode and version history.
Data enrichment
We generate key risk insights from financial, behavioural & device data
Turn bank statements into unified code
Regardless of Open Banking connection, convert any document into JSON code.

Explore the full power of Homeppl technology

Increase the performance of your risk and ops teams by adding fraud & affordability analysis to your customer applications

Fraud & data
Prevent fraud in consumer applications with document analysis. Extract, group and analyse transactions & account information from financial documents.
Risk & affordability
Build an accurate risk and creditworthiness profile for any applicant. Get more customers by assessing ‘thin-file’ & international profiles. Maintain regulatory compliance.
Take advantage of flexible guarantees that work universally. Protect assets without common insurance friction. Add new financial products to your ecosystem.

Demo the tech making consumer risk assessment more simple in HR

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