The June '23 Fraud Monthly Round Up

Monthly Fraud Round Up June

Over £2.4m caught in tenancy fraud in June '23

The summer surge in rentals continues as people in the capital and around the UK look for newer dwellings. It's an incredibly busy time for letting agencies and landlords alike, and during the current economic hardships, its essential that they remain vigilant to the threat of tenancy fraud.

As usual, the majority of the fraud we detected came via our advanced document analysis technology, which found many modifications to fake bank statements and payslips. There has been a whopping 102% increase in tenancy fraud on last month. This month, we flagged fraudsters from the UK, Brazil, Nigeria, Portugal, India, Latvia, the USA, Ghana and Saudi Arabia!

This month, we encountered a notable 'repeat offender' who submitted their third application for a different property with us. It's astonishing that this individual attempted to deceive us with fake bank statements in all three applications, involving three different clients!

£82bn in UK rental properties occupied by fraudtsers - graphic

UK fraudster profile for June

Let's analyse the data from June's fraud report and gain insights into the characteristics of the typical tenancy fraudster at present, as we do each month. We present this information regularly to help letting agencies, whether they are affiliated with Homeppl or not, identify the latest fraud trends to watch out for.

Here is the Homeppl fraud report for June (compared to May):

May 23 Fraud Report

Homeppl June Fraud Report

So what are the changes in data from May to June?

In a nutshell:

Gender & age

The difference between male and female fraudsters shifted slightly this month, going from a clean 60/40% split to 57% males and 43% females.

The average age increased from 30.9 to 33.6.


In the previous 3 months to May, the average claimed income sat within the £70-£80k bracket. May was an outlier as the number shot up to £98k. In June, the average claimed income dropped back down to £75,082.


There's been a slight shift in the UK landscape for fraud. In May, over 90% of UK tenancy fraud took place in London. This dropped to 81% in June, with Telford, Liverpool and Essex also reporting cases.

From January to April, East London represented the hottest spot in the capital for tenancy fraud. This switched for the first time in May, with a huge shift to the West. 66% of all London tenancy fraud happened in West London in May. This month, West London is still dominant, but slightly less dominant representing 55.6% of all London fraud cases.

Above you can directly compare the profile and how it has changed from May to June in 2023.

Fraud Spotlight 💡

Fraud spotlight Barclays

For June's fraud spotlight we examine a shocking example of document fraud. Above we have a Barclays bank account.

At first glance, there seems to be little wrong. But once you run the document through our Fraud Finder tool, the deception is alarming. Take a look:

Fraud Spotlight Edit History

We can see that the name has changed from Aline to Robert. The date of the statement has changed. The address has changed. Not only that the bank balances and almost all of the transactions have edited too!

If this went undetected, this would have cost approximately £120,000 in rental value and extra costs!

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