Tenant Screening technology that helps Landlords rest easy

Safely rent your property & ensure your income is protected.

What is tenant screening?

If you’re an experienced landlord you’ll know that ensuring you have the perfect tenant in your property doesn’t always go to plan. Whether it’s a case of failure to pay rent on time or property damage, you want to avoid tenants that cost you money.

Our tenant qualification technology goes further and deeper to uncover the real risk level of tenants that are often missed by traditional tenant screening. If you’re a brand new landlord your lucky. We reduce fraud, default and delays and guarantee the rental income of every tenant you check because we’re that confident in the service we offer.

The decision on who to let your property has never been simpler. We’re a tenant referencing company with all of the information you need to feel safe your next renter will be the right one.

Three reasons to start a tenant check today

Securely screened tenants
The tenants we approve go through the most extensive background, credit, and fraud verification process available.
Rental Income Protection
We guarantee the rent of everyone we approve. If your tenant fails to pay, you’ll have the money from us the same day.
We cover payments
At the end of the tenancy, if you need to collect additional funds, we’ll contribute towards the amount missing in the deposit.

Our Fraud Detection Tech saves Landlords Thousands

  • 2%

    of rental applications are fraudulent
  • 100%

    of fraud detected across thousands of checks
  • £33,000

    is the average cost to a landlord for renting to a bad tenant

How it works

Invite the tenant
to undergo a reference check
We validate the tenant
in 1 to 3 days
We sign the agreement
with the tenant and yourself
Enjoy a fully screened tenant
knowing your income is protected!

Invite your tenant for a referencing check today

And feel comfortable knowing you did all you could to have a smooth-sailing rental agreement for the next 12 months.

Landlords we've helped in the past

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"They are really quick with enquiries and referencing"

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Zaid, 5 Stars on TrustPilot
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"The online support at Homeppl is the best I’ve come across. Hurdles with our tenants’ referencing processes were assisted perfectly."

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We know you may have many 
questions for us!

If you do not see your question here, try our FAQs where we have some more information for you. Otherwise, you can reach out to our customer support team here or call us on 0208 0897709.

    From the point in which your tenant completes our application process, the validation process will take approximately 1 to 3 days.

    Although landlords can perform tenant reference checks themselves, it is not advised as the stakes are so high. If you get an unreliable or unsuitable tenant it can cost you thousands in default arrears, court proceedings or property repair costs. You could also find yourself in a position where it is difficult to serve an eviction notice. 

    Homeppl is all about finding fraud and assessing the true risk attached to every tenant. We don’t miss a trick. We use a blend of document analysis, behaviour analysis and open banking data to uncover applicants who are trying to secure your property on false pretences. It is more likely than not if you chose to conduct your own check there are deceptive tricks you’ll miss.

    We've written a guide on the top ten biggest mistakes people miss when performing a reference check.

    Homeppl assesses tenants’ real risk; ensuring no good tenant is rejected and every fraudulent one is. Homeppl is driven by cutting-edge technology, including fraud detection tests, behavioural analysis, and Open Banking algorithms.

    As part of the validation process, we’ll  seek to validate and authenticate three main characteristics of the consumer:

    Identity - establish that the consumer is who they say they are

    Finances - establish the financial circumstances of the consumer, and assess whether they can financially afford the product in the foreseeable future

    Rent Payments - establish whether the consumer has the willingness to meet their legal and financial obligations based on previous rental payments history

    Put simply, a tenant reference check should include a complete background of your proposed renter. We not only do that with speed and accuracy but we detect 100% of the applications that contain fraudulent and inaccurate information.

    Try it for yourself, upload a document to test our fraud detection tech.

    It is a legal requirement in the UK for all landlords to conduct a right to rent check prior to a rental agreement being signed.

    This check is legally required for occupiers over the age of 18 and is to ensure that the renter has the lawful right to rent residential property.

    However, this is a basic level check. Homeppl delves much deeper to ensure that you, as a Landlord, are renting to a fully vetted and responsible tenant.


    All though our tenant qualification technology provides security to the landlord, it also provides an opportunity to the renter.

    Offering your property with a guarantor to potential renters makes it more attractive. Our commercial guarantor service means that more tenants can be qualified more accurately.

    You'll also be able to minimise void periods by qualifying a larger pool of prospective tenants.

    Sure! We've written a comprehensive guide on steps to finding the perfect tenant for your property.