Tenant Referencing: Unique-in-Market Technology

Advanced referencing protecting letting agencies & landlords from tenancy fraud

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Advanced tenant referencing

Our unique-to-market referencing checks are like no other. Why? Our technology. Our solution offers landlords peace of mind & financial protection, and letting agents the capability to identify fraudulent tenant applications before they become costly. 

Each tenant we verify goes through 150+ unique fraud tests. Email tracking, reaction tests, data enrichment, font detection, and authority & integrity tests just to name a few. What’s more? We do it at speed. 

Tenant referencing is a legal requirement. But in today’s market, it’s critical in maximising your revenue and risk protection.

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What does this mean for letting agents and BTR companies?

We look much deeper than other providers meaning we assess the real risk level of applicants. We validate more ‘good’ applicants. We identify the ‘bad’ tenants before they become a financial liability.

What our clients say...

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The pain Homeppl prevents through their diligence process makes a massive difference. Fraudsters are getting smarter and more sophisticated by the day. It’s vital that our partners can adapt fast to reduce our exposure.

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Russel Markou, Head of Operations, Quintain Living

Join the largest UK Letting Agencies maximising revenue through advanced tenant referencing

We save our clients millions. Click to see the value we can add to your business.

Our platform is your power

Use our CRM or integrate into your own systems with our API. Our solution is fuelled by unique behavioural analysis, open banking data, financial risk algorithms and fraud detection.

Our unique technology is built for speed, scale and accuracy making our tenant referencing service the most sophisticated decision engine in the rental market.

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Letting agency checks with outstanding results

  • £1bn+

    Our cutting edge technology, combined with our 5 star rated customer support, has helped our partners secure more than a billion pounds of revenue.
  • 95% +

    Our unique tech means we can go further than any other referencing business to understand your tenants, resulting in market leading approval rates of 95%+.
  • 100%

    We pick up all fraud attempts. With rental fraud on the rise, our unique fraud detection tests, behavioural analysis and open banking algorithms keep you protected.
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  • Fraud and default prevention

    We are an advanced tenant referencing company that provides data enrichment tech to help you make safer, more informed decisions about your tenants.

  • High tenant approvals

    We apply our unique technology to assess tenants' data, including when they have been living outside the UK, are self-employed, students or high net worth individuals.

  • Tenant screening that guarantees rent

    We're so confident in our technology that we offer a range of additional guarantees to protect agents, tenants and landlords.

Easy-to-read reference reports

Our risk reports are concise, detailed and accurate. We clearly identify which section tenants passed or failed.

We're customer-centric and provide in-depth insights on a monthly basis. We're on call to explain our decisions and how to protect & improve your relationship with landlords by providing only the best tenants.

Read more about tenant referencing

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Quintain Living's Wembley Park is set to become the largest build-to-rent development site in the UK, with 6,044 homes being delivered by 2027/

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Spotahome, an online booking platform for apartments & rooms teamed up with Homeppl to qualify and guarantee rent on a global scale.

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Tenancy fraud is becoming a real problem for letting agencies. Read why it's essential to have a tenant referencing company who can spot 100% of fraud.

How do fraudulent tenants get past letting agents?
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With rents rising and the future of Section 21 up in the air, it has never been more important to have fair tenant checking processes.

Why fair tenant checking has never been more important

Tenant Reference Check FAQs

Homeppl aim to unleash your revenue and protect you from fraud with modern technology.

Here's what you need to know.

    Having analysed the data from clients over the past months, we have an average check turnaround time of approximately 25 hours.

    If you are a landlord, you can read all about how our tenant screening services protect your property and your income.

    For letting agents and developers, we offer the most comprehensive and most accurate tenant referencing solution in the UK and further afield.

    The level of tenant referencing differs greatly throughout the UK. Some smaller agencies and landlords still like to adopt a ‘eyes only’ approach and keep their vetting in-house. Other referencing companies look at outdated credit scoring and tick-box assessments and charge a low price for the service. Our unique-to-the-market technology has changed the game for assessment.

    Our platform approves 95% of tenants compared to alternative archaic credit checks with an average rejection rate of 30%.

    Our tenant background checks accurately assess:

    Identity - Is the tenant who they say they are?

    We look at a wide variety of global databases to assess whether or not adverse information exists for a tenant, and we will relay these to estate agents if any are found.

    Income -  Can the tenant afford the rent payments?

    We typically use the financial and insurance industry standards to determine whether a tenant earns a sufficient amount of money to meet rent payments. We also perform a more in-depth assessment for certain categories of payment. The minimum requirements are that tenants earn 30 times the monthly rent price per year, or hold 32 times the monthly rent in a savings account, or have a guarantor who is able to guarantee 42 times the monthly rent.

    We require a prospective tenant’s two previous payslips, an employment contract or a signed letter from an employer confirming the tenant’s place of work. Our system then gets in touch with either an HR, payroll or line manager, to corroborate the information provided by the tenant. In addition, we corroborate information provided with online databases.

    The Financial Suitability check assesses a tenant's finances, and ensures their ability to afford the property in question. It validates the data by various means, such as documents, online domain testing, and social networks. During the process, our system will communicate directly with the candidates’ employers, HR managers, or Accountants.

    The Work Experience check validates the candidate’s work experience, work duration, and employment type.

    Residence - What is the tenant’s history with paying rent on time?

    If a tenant owns the property they currently live in, we will verify this against Land Registry records. If a tenant lives in rented accommodation owned by a private landlord, we verify the landlord’s ownership against Land Registry Records. If a tenant lives in family-owned accommodation or in an informal sublet, we will verify against the Electoral Roll and other databases provided by reputable third party agencies.

    The Rental Performance check traces and validates candidates’ residential history, and collects references from their rental network, such as landlords, agents, housemates, and neighbours. It provides valuable insights about candidates, including how they maintained the property, and prompt payment of rent and utilities.

    We are currently unable to check foreign residents’ bankruptcy history or foreign databases of land ownership. Our other criteria are identical to those for British applicants, and we obtain translated version of references, identity documents, income confirmations and payslips where possible.

    The Right to Rent check confirms the candidate has the right to rent in England. Landlords or agents in England could be charged with a criminal offence if they know, or have reasonable cause to believe, that they are letting to an illegal immigrant. Homeppl facilitates the completion of the check, howeve,r it cannot replace the landlord or agents’ legally-required physical check.

    Our Credit Check uncovers any past publicly available adverse information or court action against UK citizens. It includes: CCJs, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Debt Relief, Arrangements, Sanctions. If any adverse information is found, this will be available in our report.

    Yes, we look at a wide variety of global databases to assess whether or not adverse information exists for a tenant, and we will relay these to estate agents if any are found.

    We reference permitted occupants in the same way as tenants, however we do not ask for or verify their income information.

    We verify whether or not tenants have been bankrupt within the past six years, and whether or not they have any outstanding County Court Judgments. For foreign applicants, we check their names against international sanctions lists and other databases of adverse information.

    Yes - if a tenant and the inviting estate agent or landlord have agreed that a tenant will pay for their rent in advance, we will not externally verify their income.

    We obtain income, residence and identity documents for guarantors in the same way as for tenants. We assess their income at a higher rate than tenants, however.

    We require a prospective tenant’s two previous payslips, an employment contract or a signed letter from an employer confirming the tenant’s place of work. Our system then gets in touch with either an HR, payroll or line manager, to corroborate the information provided by the tenant. In addition, we corroborate information provided with online databases.

    We get in touch with tenants by email, text message and over the phone. If the details we have are incorrect, we may get in touch with the tenants flatmates or family to obtain up-to-date contact details.

    Yes, you will be able to access the documents we reference for each tenant and guarantor, as well as our final report, within the applicant's card in your CRM, subject to privacy and data protection laws. You must not however share these with any third parties, including the landlord for the property, without the tenant's express consent.

    In your Homeppl Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, you will be asked to enter the contact details of your prospective tenant. When you have entered these and other relevant information relating to the tenancy, our adaptive automated system will begin to communicate with the tenants to guide them through the referencing process.

    We have a variety of ways that letting agents can benefit from Homeppl's unique tenant qualification technology.

    Firstly, we have a recently updated CRM to which clients will have access. This CRM is wholly secure and helps letting agents manage their individual reference checks whilst being able to track the progress of each one.

    Alternatively, our technology can integrate into the current business systems used by many letting agents, such as Reapit,

    Please read this full and comprehensive guide on everything you need to know regarding the tenancy referencing process.