Flexible & universal guarantees

Approve more customers risk-free by guaranteeing your applicants’ liabilities and assets without the common pain points that stem from standard insurance policies.

We’re trusted by the world's leading companies

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Guarantee internationally

Insurance policies change from country to country. Homeppl guarantees are universal and standardised across countries for easy cover.

Add financial products to your ecosystem

Take advantage of our guarantee flexibility and upsell to your customers as a premium protection-focused offering.

Get money back instantly

Whilst insurance policies can take months to successfully claim, we offer money back the exact same day.

Create new financial products

Our guarantees offer flexibility that common insurance providers simply can’t.

Premium products

Create new financial products surrounding our same day repay and other flexible benefits

Remove financial friction

Approve more great customers with fewer barriers to entry for your financial products.

Make your customers feel safe

Offering protection on loans and products of consumer risk can help you minimise upfront fees and make consumers feel more secure.

Combat the cost of living crisis

Financial products are more expensive, offer consumers ‘peace of mind’ in these turbulent times.

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Guarantee assets and liabilities

Insurance policies are often stagnant and not quick to react to economic circumstances. Homeppl guarantees are different.

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Like insurance but more flexible
A more customisable and modern insurance-like product.
Guarantee anyone
We can confidently cover students, ‘thin-filed’, high net worth profiles etc
Same day repay
Unlink most insurance policies, get paid out the same day a claim is made.
No minimum payout, no maximum value
Guarantee your liabilities or assets to a value that suits you best
Guarantee true affordability
Assessment expands beyond credit checks, meaning we assess true creditworthiness.
Guarantee partial defaults
Add an extra layer of protection during the cost of living crisis.

Rent guarantor

We help tenants avoid who need a guarantor to secure rental property on fairer terms. We’ll act as your legal guarantor for as little as three weeks’ rent.

We help anyone, anywhere

Applications open to students, internationals, benefits etc

Discover our guarantor service

UK’s lowest rates

We’re 50% cheaper than our UK competitors.

Quick & easy application

Instant qualification decision given on your application.

Flexible payments

We’ll work with you to discuss a payment plan that suits you.

Discover how flexible guarantees add more revenue to your business

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