Turn raw banking data into actionable insights

Gain an in-depth understanding of each applicant’s financial behaviour and affordability for unparalleled risk insights based on facts and data.

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Build a more complete risk profile

A more granular analysis of consumer spending means you can detect risk factors such as low payments, overdraft usage & excessive gambling.

Increase application approvals

Better data leads to better decisions. The more data & insights on each applicant, the higher the accuracy and confidence in applications.

Faster decisions

Replacing cumbersome manual reviews of financial and residential information with a digital experience boosts operational efficiency.

Financial data enrichment

Outdated credit checks are not enough to truly assess consumer risk against the backdrop of a global economic crisis. Take better control over financial underwriting with advanced affordability analysis.

Turn bank transactions into affordability insights

We turn any bank statement into unified code and create a financial report packed with useful payments, income, spending & saving analyses.

Identify common risk patterns

We’ve assessed the financial statements of countless applicants. Flag financial behaviour that has led to risky outcomes before.

Benefit from Open Banking algorithms

Open Banking is now widely considered the most secure, efficient and accurate form of financial assessment.

Identify false information... quickly

Cross-examine income sources, bank balances and payment activity with employment information declared in an application.

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risk and affordability

Behavioural and device enrichment

“We’ve been most impressed with Homeppl’s ability to identify fraudsters. They have done this on numerous occasions and saved us thousands of pounds”

Kelly Fraser, Associate, Knight Frank

150+ fraud detection tests
Including several data enrichment tests that unpack each element of an application.
Domain analysis
Examine the data behind an applicant’s device footprint.
Behavioural enrichment
Assess the accuracy of employment, residential and company formation data.
Full risk picture
Risk can rear its head outside of finance. It’s best to get the full picture.
Social enrichment
Examine social media presence for any potential risk factors.
Easily integrated into your systems
Homeppl checks work via a CRM or on our RESTful API.

Sectors we serve

Protecting against risk and preventing fraud across industries and borders.

Protect against the growing risk of fraud in consumer, business loan & vehicle finance applications.

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Expand financial access to more quality customers by assessing thin-filed and international applicants.

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Scale your business by enhancing efficiency with automation & customise risk appetite to suit you.

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Real Estate

5% of properties are rented to fraudsters. Check for ID, financial and residential suitability at speed.

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Simplify your risk and affordability assessments

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