Comprehensive financial risk qualification

A full financial viability risk assessment capable of assessing any consumer profile, finding fraud and offering a customised underwriting flow via a Web app or API.

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Consumer applications for financial products are reviewed globally every year. Homeppl finds up to 10% of applications contain fraud.


of all consumers in the UK are at risk of defaulting on loans, mortgages or lines of credit. Risk prevention is essential in this economic climate.


Is the average cost of a financially risky consumer in default. Homeppl has a 100% fraud detection rate for our current clients.

Assess anyone, anywhere...

Essential consumer risk and fraud assessment technology against a backdrop of a global economic financial crisis.

Confidently expand financial access to more customers

Assess the true risk of international, self-employed, student, ‘thin-file’ and high net worth profiles with the utmost confidence.

Protect against the concerning rise of application fraud

Each consumer application undergoes 150+ fraud detection, behavioural and data enrichments tests.

Customise risk appetite

Verify customers that meet your lending standards, no matter if the criteria change.

Make use of our API

You can either send us consumer data via an easy-to-integrate API or we can collect the data from the end user ourselves.

risk and affordability

Financial & credit risk technology

“We’ve been most impressed with Homeppl’s ability to identify fraudsters. They have done this on numerous occasions and saved us thousands of pounds”

Kelly Fraser, Associate, Knight Frank

Advanced document verification tech
See modifications, font analysis, version history and more from any official document.
KYC/ID checks
Utilise biometric identification technology to satisfy KYC checks.
Data enrichment
We collect financial, residential, behavioural and device data and formulate risk insights.
Detailed risk reports
Receive an easy-to-understand risk breakdown for every applicant.
Open Banking algorithms
Utilise the latest banking technology to instantly verify income and financial history.
Comply with AML regulations
Checks against politically exposed, criminal sanctions and adverse media watchlists.

Sectors we serve

Protecting against risk and preventing fraud across industries and borders.


Protect against the growing risk of fraud in consumer, business loan & vehicle finance applications.

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Expand financial access to more quality customers by assessing thin-filed and international applicants.

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Scale your business by enhancing efficiency with automation & customise risk appetite to suit you.

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Real Estate

5% of properties are rented to fraudsters. Check for ID, financial and residential suitability at speed.

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Streamline decision-making with automated financial qualification & centralised customer data.

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Protect your business with an advanced consumer risk assessment

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