Extract bank statement data

Instantly extract, group and analyse transactions and income data from any financial document for granular, more conclusive, affordability assessments.

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Hours of manual labour relating to the review of consumer applications that can be automated and made far more efficient with our technology.


Consumer applications for financial products are reviewed globally every year. Homeppl finds up to 10% of current client applications contain fraud.


Losses due to UK financial fraud in the first half of 2022. Optimise your risk decisioning with instant verification of your customers’ transactions.

Simplify affordability assessments with banking data

Unlock a wealth of financial data too difficult to gather and analyse manually.

Turn all bank statements into unified code

Standardise all bank statements, regardless of whether your applicant chooses to connect to Open Banking or not, into a JSON file.

Analyse and verify income sources

Get an instant report detailing all monthly income sources. See insights on income vs expenditure in seconds.

Approve more customers

Supercharge your verification process by no longer discarding applications that refuse to connect to Open Banking.

Flag suspicious payments

All transactions are automatically grouped and categorised. Flag suspicious payments and unusual transactional activity.

Fraud and data

Transactions analysis: Open banking API

“This tool is very intuitive and quick. This is so exciting, it's a game-changer”

Piero Bassu, General Manager, RVU

Value-added data
The more specific the data the more accurate the decision-making.
Expand financial access
A deeper look beyond standard credit checks means we can qualify more applications.
Works on a RESTful API
Easily integrated into your current review process, working quietly in the background.
Offset human error
Verified financial data that human’s simply cannot process at scale with any precision.
Instant visual reports
Once the code has been unified, the front end will display a range of useful insights.
Compliant with data regulations
All private information extracted is protected in line with industry data regulations.

Sectors we serve

Protecting against risk and preventing fraud across industries and borders.

Protect against the growing risk of fraud in credit applications during a global cost of living crisis.

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Expand financial access to more quality customers by assessing thin-filed and international applicants.

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Scale your business by enhancing efficiency with automation & customise risk appetite to suit you.

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Real Estate

5% of properties are rented to fraudsters. Check for ID, financial and residential suitability at speed.

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Powerful affordability analysis generated in seconds.

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Make better decisions with instant access to up-to-date transactions data

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