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Guide: Are you prepared for an increase

in tenancy fraud?

Get the latest information on UK tenancy fraud trends and learn what your agency can do to protect your landlords by reading our guide

Current data indicates that tenancy fraud grew by 71% between Q4 of 2020 and Q1 of 2021.

With non-paying tenants costing landlords an average of £30k, landlords need your protection in screening tenants more than ever.

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Our guide includes:

  • The current state of tenancy fraud

  • How the pandemic has impacted it

  • What fraud means for agencies

  • How fraudsters do fake references

  • A real case study example.

Download our guide by filling in the form to understand how to get ahead of tenancy fraud.

Read our guide to find out:

  • Why

    The 3 main factors contributing to the tenancy fraud increase.
  • How

    The sophisticated methods fraudsters are currently using to get past agencies.
  • What

    What your agency can to do detect tenancy fraud and protect landlords.