Guarantee your rental income

Our technology minimises the risk of letting a property. We go one step further and guarantee the rental income from your tenants.

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Our rental income protection product, Homeppl Guarantid, addresses the pain points with common rent guarantee insurance and helps landlords protect their investment for less... without having to jump through bureaucratic hoops.

What is Homeppl Guarantid?

Our technology is so accurate we can secure the full rental income of our clients. Our rent guarantee product lets you

Secure rent payments. On time. Every time.
Homeppl will pay you the rent if the tenant doesn’t. We offer this rental guarantee on 95% of the tenants we screen. The average rent insurance will only cover roughly 50% of tenants. More coverage = more protection.
Income protection at a fraction of the price
Rent insurance can cost hundred and hundreds of pound while leaving you unprotected. Homeppl charge just 1% of contract value and guarantee losses from as little as £1. Most insurers won't guarantee partial rent defaults and cap payouts at £2,500 per month.
Same-Day Payments
Homeowners have bills to pay too. Where normal rent guarantee insurance will return your defaulted rent payments 90 days after a claim, we’ll transfer you the payment before the end of the day.
No change to your process
Homeppl Guarantid is fully integrated into your CRM. No changes are required to your tenancy agreement rent collection processes.
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Hassle-free income protection. The way it should be.

Our rental fraud tech makes all the difference

Machine learning

Our machine-learning models analyse hundreds of features per transaction, including documents, device footprint, and rental background, generating accurate ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ decisions.

Real time decisions

Our automated decisioning engine instantly authenticates the tenant’s data to eliminate risk and fraud from your business.

Fraud network

Heimdall, our fraud database, scans each tenant, detecting anomalies and flagging suspected fraud rings.

Human Intelligence

To ensure our model works, trained human intelligence teams confirm the decisions and clear false declines.

What our customers say...

“Samantha was fantastic! I can’t speak highly enough of the service she delivered in helping us get a rent guarantee policy in place”

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Out with the old & in with the new

We've listened to landlord pain-points. In a nutshell our Rent Guarantee:

Means waiting for your money is a thing of the past
Landlord's get paid back no matter how much the defaulted rent is
Offers cover on far more tenants than insurance


We know you may have many questions for us!

If you do not see your question here, try our FAQs where we have some more information for you there.Otherwise, you can reach out to our customer support team.

    Any breach by the tenant entitling you to payment in respect of monthly rent and £5,000 of legal costs and expenses to obtain possession of the property.

    The rent guarantee extends to covering legal expenses so that you have protection in the event of a default. Legal proceedings will usually be pursued when attempting to evict a tenant.

    We don’t guarantee damage to the property or failure by the tenant to pay bills or auxiliary services.

    No. We guarantee the tenant’s ability to afford rent, rather than insuring the property. Therefore, we charge a fee per tenant.

    If the tenant changes, the new tenant will need to pass Homeppl tenant referencing and a new guarantee will be required for protection.

    Our guarantee starts when the tenant moves in and ends when you gain possession of the property.

    Up to 12 months of the tenant’s share of rent, less the value of the deposit.

    We guarantee for a 12 month period.

    In the aftermath of the pandemic, the property and rental markets have yet to settle. The UK is experiencing a cost of living crisis as war continues to rage in Europe. Even the most responsible tenants may experience financial insecurity. The Homeppl Guarantid product ensures that your rental income is still paid no matter what circumstance arises. 

    There are many landlords who rely solely upon rental payments as a form of income. Where rent guarantee insurance would mean an approximate 90-day wait to retrieve that income, we keep that cash flow live for our clients.

    Homeppl offers the letting agents we work with one simple thing: the knowledge that the tenants approved for their property are right for them, fully vetted and very unlikely to default on their rent or provide fraudulent & fake information. Our rental income protection offers the same thing: peace of mind. Whilst investing in any cover or rent guarantee insurance is not a legal requirement, it is a handy tool to ensure your landlords receive their money on time.

    Whilst a Homeppl tenant has been through the most rigorous tenant referencing process currently available, there are ample reasons why somebody may default on their rent. If this happens and your landlord is not protected, this has negative consequences for everybody involved. If this happens and your landlord has chosen rent guarantee insurance, it is likely they will not receive any covered rent payments until they have gone through a lengthy, over-bureaucratic process that could last months.

    If a landlord choses Homeppl income protection, they will receive the full protection payment the same day as default.

    Most landlords have mortgages. During a cost of living crisis, rental income becomes incredibly valuable. Non payment can go on for a considerable amount of time before an eviction notice is finally served. Rent arrears can build up into the tens-of-thousands. Most rent guarantee insurance policies will then include another month or two in claimant process. Get legal expenses covered and rent payments sent instantly with our scheme.

    Our alternative to rent protection insurance is available to all the letting agents and build-to-rent companies who are in partnership with Homeppl. If you want to see the Homeppl technology up close and personal before you utilise our tenant referencing and fraud detection services, you can book a demo here.

    This rent guarantee is only available to the letting and estate agents who are partnered with Homeppl. As a landlord, you can speak to your letting agent and have them approach us at

    Firstly, rents are rising and rising and are expected to climb over the coming months and years. The average rent per calendar month across the United Kingdom is £1,103 as of May 2022. That’s a lot of income to miss out on. With rent guarantee insurance, you could wait up to 90 days to receive this money owed to you. We pay out the exact same day your tenant defaults.

    One must assess the risk of the current recession and economic stability as well as general health following a pandemic. Renters may unfortunately lose their jobs or fall ill. Further more, employers only have to pay out statutory sick up to 28 weeks. 

    Legal & General released a guides that stated that the average employee in Britain only has enough savings to cover them financially for just 24 days should they stop receiving income. That would likely lead to rent arrears and the amount of money owed to your landlords would grow into cumulative months.

    The Homeppl income protection product is available to 95% of tenants because our vetting and qualification technology is so accurate in assessing the true viability of a tenant. Our insurance equivalent is available quickly, efficiently and only costs £80 + VAT per tenant.

    Nothing. Another difference between standard rent guarantee insurance policies for landlords and lettings agents and the Homeppl Guarantid product is that all tenants who we guarantee are personally tested via 150+ financial and residential validity checks before we OK them.

    With a standard rent protection insurance policy the landlord or letting agent would need to worry about ensuring that no tenants falsify their affordability documents, ensure they have no active CCJs or bankruptcies that could lead to a higher risk, and also stress check proof of identification.

    Homeppl catch 100% of rental fraud through unique-to-market technology. We can accept so many more tenants via our rent guarantees because if there is any risk involved in rental applications we will eliminate it from the outset. You're best off having the full weight of the best fraud technology on the market behind you.

    Simply contact your account manager and present the following information in your correspondence:

    • A signed copy of the tenancy agreement

    • Confirmation of when rent was due + how much the rent owed is

    • A description of the current situation: IE has the tenant moved out or are they still occupying the property?

    • Any and all communications you have had with the tenant with regards to rent arrears and missing payments.

    Your account manager will work quickly to assess the information and seek to pay out the missing rent the same day. We pride ourselves on an effortless experience for our letting agents whose landlords are tired of the long-winded and bureaucratic processes involved with rent insurance.

    No. This rental income protection product is to protect the rent of tenants who default but are still residing within the rental property.

    Unlike most rent insurance policies that typically cover up to four tenants per policy, Homeppl Guarantid cover can be taken out on as many tenants as is required. The only pre-requisite is that they have been validated by us first for one of our letting agent partners.

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