Guarantee your rental income

Letting a property may be a risky business nowadays. Our tech means we can guarantee the rent of any tenant approved by us 

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We are so confident in our outstanding technology that we will guarantee the rent of any tenant that we have approved, thereby securing the full rental income of our clients.

What is Homeppl Guarantid? It lets you...

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Rent payments. On time. Every time.
Homeppl will pay you the rent if the tenant doesn’t.
Keep your rental income safe
Protect yourself against non payments. By working with Homeppl Guarantid you eliminate the risk of late or missed rent payment.
Same day payment
50% of homeowners have a mortgage to pay each month. Why wait 90 days to get your rental income when you can get it the same day?
No change to your process
Homeppl Guarantid is fully integrated into your CRM. No changes are required to your tenancy agreement rent collection processes.

Time to get going?

Our rental fraud tech makes all the difference

Machine learning

Our machine-learning models analyse hundreds of features per transaction, including documents, device footprint, and rental background, generating accurate ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ decisions.

Real time decisions

Our automated decisioning engine instantly authenticates the tenant’s data to eliminate risk and fraud from your business.

Fraud network

Heimdall, our fraud database, scans each tenant, detecting anomalies and flagging suspected fraud rings.

Human Intelligence

To ensure our model works, trained human intelligence teams confirm the decisions and clear false declines.


We know you may have many questions for us!

If you do not see your question here, try our FAQs where we have some more information for you there.Otherwise, you can reach out to our customer support team.

    Any breach by the tenant entitling you to payment in respect of monthly rent and £5,000 of legal costs and expenses to obtain possession of the property.

    We don’t guarantee damage to the property or failure by the tenant to pay bills or auxiliary services.

    No. We guarantee the tenant’s ability to afford rent, rather than insuring the property. Therefore, we charge a fee per tenant.

    Our guarantee starts when the tenant moves in and ends when you gain possession of the property.

    Up to 12 months of the tenant’s share of rent, less the value of the deposit.

    We guarantee for a 12 month period.

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