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We use our cutting edge technology to qualify tenants from 200+ nationalities for their dream home.

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We can qualify any tenant

Whatever your background or nationality, we approve up to 90% more than our competitors. This means we can assess people with no or a thin credit file, like students, internationals, or the self-employed.

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The process should only take around 5-minutes to complete. We will ask you for documents to prove your identity, residential history, income as well as references. It might sound complicated, but we’ve done the hard work to make it as straightforward as possible.

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Unlock your new home

Moving is stressful. We know, we’re tenants too. So we designed a slick journey to make it a bit easier.

200+ countries, all tenants
Our technology coverage spans across 200+ countries and territories, and assesses, including employed, students, internationals, self-employed and high net worth individuals.
6+ languages
Our qualification journey is available in 6+ languages to support international movers all around the world.
Open Banking technology
Leverage Open Banking to instantly and securely send your digital bank statements.
Friendly support
Our customer support team is there to help you every step of the way.


We know you may have many
 questions for us!

If you do not see your question here, try our FAQs where we have some more information for you there.Otherwise, you can reach out to our customer support team.

    Yes, your data will be saved until the next time you log in. However, please have all the relevant paperwork to hand before uploading it. If you upload the wrong documents, it will be possible to change them, however this will cause unnecessary delay to your tenancy application. This may therefore affect your ability to secure the desired property.

    Yes, please upload documents in any language.

    You may upload a copy of the photo page of your passport or national ID card.

    Applicants from outside of the UK/EU will need to provide a Visa.

    We will use this data to verify your address, as well as to assess your previous rental performance by obtaining your landlord’s reference.

    Subject to the contract between you and your landlord and your personal situation, our general affordability rule is that if your yearly salary or self-employed income is at least 30x as much as the monthly price of your rent, we will accept your application.

    If you will pay for your property from savings, we will ask that you have 36x the monthly price of the rent in savings. Please upload bank statements from the past three months to demonstrate this.

    If you are not able to independently afford the rent for your property, please enter the contact details for a guarantor - someone willing to accept liability in case you are unable to meet rent payments. We will get in touch with them to confirm their consent and ability to afford the rent.

    We will accept Word Document, Excel, PDF and most picture files. Please note that we do not accept documents in the .CSV format.

    We do, however, require that all proof of income documents are provided in PDF format. If you are unable to provide one, please go ahead and submit what you do have and the document will be reviewed.

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