Find document fraud in mortgage applications

Instantly identify instances of fraud in bank statements, payslips and utility during the mortgage application process.

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Reduce risk of mortgage fraud

The year-on-year increase in mortgage fraud deriving from fake income declarations specifically has risen 27.3%

Protect assets at scale

CoreLogic found that in 2023, 1 in every 134 mortgage applications contained fraud. It takes seconds to assess a document with automation.

Reduce operational friction

Ops teams can waste up to 200+ hours a week manually reviewing financial documents. Automated document analysis eliminates human errors.

Mortgage risk assessment software that reduces the burden of human error

The average mortgage in the the UK is now £184,376. 1 in 13 Brits admitted to first-party document fraud last year.

Verify mortgage application documents in seconds

Reduce the time and manpower it takes to assess the fraud risk associated with mortgage applications accurately. For lenders using our easy-to-use UI or integrated API, our home loan underwriting software analyses: bank statements, business bank statements, payslips, and utility bills.

For brokers, we can protect your relationships with lenders by helping serve fraud-free applications.

We can easily authenticate foreign documents, business statements, investment portfolios and much more.

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Make more accurate home financing decisions

Buy-to-Let, commercial, residential and bridging loans can be a complex business. Income streams and proving sources of funds can take time and concentration. Relieve the burden of your human advisers by authenticating financial statements instantly.

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Transform your mortgage review processes with automation

A home loan application can include around 3-8 documents including bank statements, business accounts and proof of identity docs. Assessing these documents for risk manually on a large scale creates significant opportunities for human error.

Most mortgage fraud in documents cannot be detected by humans. Therefore how can you expect a human to assess risk effectively?

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Take ownership of effective document fraud assessment

How can we measure risk with more precise data and help home financiers scale? We utilise...

Open banking algorithms
Instant income and affordability verification for tenants.
Advanced document analysis
Unique-in-the-industry technology that flags modifications via a number of tests.
Data enrichment
We generate key risk insights from financial, behavioural & device data
Turn bank statements into unified code
Regardless of Open Banking connection, convert any document into JSON code.

Explore the full power of Homeppl technology

Increase the performance of your risk and ops teams by adding fraud & affordability analysis to your customer applications

Fraud & data
Prevent fraud in consumer applications with document analysis. Extract, group and analyse transactions & account information from financial documents.
Risk & affordability
Build an accurate risk and creditworthiness profile for any applicant. Get more customers by assessing ‘thin-file’ & international profiles. Maintain regulatory compliance.
Take advantage of flexible guarantees that work universally. Protect assets without common insurance friction. Add new financial products to your ecosystem.

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Reduce home loan fraud from impacting your business at the point of application

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