Rent guarantor service for people on benefits

An easy solution for those in receipt of state benefits

Renting on benefits can be tricky, we can smooth the process

If you are in receipt of benefits or universal credit then it may prove more difficult for you to rent a property in the UK. Certain landlords might require you to provide a guarantor to satisfy the terms of the tenancy.

For a one-off fee, we can act as your legal UK guarantor if you meet our eligibility criteria.

What is our eligibility criteria?

We can act as your legal guarantor the benefits you receive make up 20% or less of your income.

It doesn't matter if you receive universal credit, working or child tax benefits or a disability living allowance, as long as this proportionally equates to 20% or less of your income then we can help you.

Disability and pension benefits will be considered at a steady income.

What documents will you need?

  1. Identity: your passport or EEA identity card and your visa/BRP document if you have one.

  2. Residential History: all addresses you have resided in the past 3 years, a proof of address document for your current address only (bank statements, utility bill dated within the last 3 months, driving license or a council tax), contact details of your landlord/agent.

  3. Proof of income/universal credit/benefits: We'll require 3 months of full universal credit or benefit payments as well as any other income sources in the form of bank statements.

4 easy steps to securing your guarantor

Get in touch
Submit some basic information & we’ll be in touch immediately with our decision
We’ll sign a document
To act as your guarantor, we sign a legal document that we agree to pay your rent if you can’t pay it yourself
You show the document to your landlord or agency
Show them this legal agreement and move in!
Enjoy your tenancy
We’ll be your guarantor for the duration of your rental agreement. If you can’t pay your rent at any time, we’ll cover 100% of the cost.

Outstanding results for our customers

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    is the average amount of money we save each tenant we guarantee on upfront costs.
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    How do you pay for your guarantor?

    We split the cost of your one-off fee into two manageable instalments.

    What our customers say...

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    There was no wait time and I had great support from the Homeppl team throughout my application.

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    The staff that were in contact with me were the most helpful bunch of people from start to finish! Lots of back and forth but so worth it with Homeppl. I recommend to everyone.

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    We know you may have many 
questions for us!

    If you do not see your question here, try our FAQs where we have some more information for you. Otherwise, you can reach out to our customer support.

      On average around 3 business days, but you'll get a response from us as soon as possible.

      You'll be finding your student accommodation in no time!

      You cannot have an active CCJ. Your benefits or universal credit payments cannot account for more than 20% of your overall income.

      You should have a rental history in the private rental sector for at least 2 years while being on benefits in the past.

      We'll be your guarantor for the duration of your tenancy agreement. If you're unable to pay your rent at any time, we'll send the landlord 100% of what you owe.

      After that, we will work with you towards a repayment plan that fits your situation with no credit agencies and no interest fees applied.

      We cover missed rental payments, but not damage to property as part of the guarantee.

      The role of a benefits rent guarantor is that of a third party in the legal contract between tenant and landlord. As a third party, we'll be able to officially act as a guarantor when a parent or family member can not. Our legal position would mean that if you failed to pay your monthly rent in line with your agreement, we would step in and take over the payments for the remainder of your tenancy.

      It is likely that the majority of landlords in the UK who own or manage private properties will require a legal guarantor when renting to someone in receipt of universal credit, living allowances, tax benefits or disability benefits.

      Here are a few other reasons why people need a guarantor in the UK.

      Nope. Homeppl Guarantid is about 50% cheaper than all of the other rent guarantor companies on the market.