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Confidently expand financial access to new customers across international, thin-filed, self-employed and high-net-worth profiles.

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We can increase customer approvals by up to 25% with in-depth consumer risk assessment technologies unavailable to Credit Reference Agencies.

100 minutes

Risk teams can spend up to 100 minutes assessing a case manually. Approve more customers by accelerating the process with automation.


‘Sub prime’ consumers approved in the last two years whose transact ability and creditworthiness have been misunderstood by traditional CRAs.

Create financial inclusion with a detailed risk evaluation

Approve more customers with confidence against the backdrop of a global financial crisis by expanding financial access to new customers.

Improve access to financial data

Credit Referencing Agencies (CRAs) work from incredibly simple data sets and use legacy referencing tools creating significant friction for ‘thin-filed’, no credit, international and self-employed consumers.

We use modern financial algorithms to delve deeper, measuring financial affordability outside of standard credit checks.

Approve based on precise, real-time data

Open banking algorithms provide instant access to a consumer’s banking history, meaning we can instantly group and present actionable affordability insights such as overdraft history, bank balance trends, expenditure categories, ATM usability and gambling transactions.

When consumers refuse to connect to Open banking, we convert bank statements into unified code to get the exact same result.

Expand into international markets

Whilst CRAs will only usually pass credit checks for UK nationals, our financial qualification technology currently live in 9 international markets.

We assume the risk of consumers we approve, and our guarantees are valid in every country on earth. Meaning you can approve international customers with undue risk anywhere, anytime.

Assess self-employed and high net worth individuals

Because of irregular and inconsistent income sources, self-employed consumers, and consumers with a high-net-worth can find it difficult to access financial products due to legacy assessment solutions employed by CRAs.

Our financial qualification technology provides these profiles with credit viability, increasing the customer pool for lenders and financial providers.

challenges we solve

Expanding client revenue with cutting-edge tech.

“We put a lot of trust in the Homeppl system and believe that it will filter out applicants that are disingenuous from the start. It’s definitely the best system that I know of out there.”

Hayley Wills, Associate Director, APO

Open banking algorithms
Instant income and affordability verification for consumers.
Intelligent document analysis
Unique-in-the-industry technology that flags modifications via a number of tests.
Data enrichment
We collect financial, residential, behavioural and digital data for our risk assessments.
Convert bank statements into JSON
All documents are turned into unified code, giving open baning-like results on all documents.

Explore the full power of Homeppl’s technology

Whether you’re looking to reduce fraud loss, onboard customers, make better credit decisions, know more about your customers, reduce operational friction or approve more applications, we have a range of products to serve a range of industries.

Automate underwriting
Reduce operations costs when you automate tedious manual application reviews. Eliminate the risk of human error. Our AML and KYC checks ensure regulatory compliance.
Assess affordability
Create instant financial and affordability insights from any bank statement. Verify income sources, uncover spending behaviour and any suspicious payments activity.
Create financial products
Take advantage of flexible guarantees that work universally. Offer same-day-repay protection on liabilities and assets as a premium financial product.

Assess more applicants, approve more customers

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