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Accept 25% more customers by expanding financial access to qualified profiles often rejected by traditional credit referencing agencies.

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Only 30% of defaults in the last 12 months are known to Credit Referencing Agencies. Replace data inconsistencies with precise risk decisioning.

5.4 million

Experience claims there are currently 5.4 million Britons currently invisible to financial services for having ‘thin’ credit files. There are more overseas.


Increase approvals of consumer applications by 25% by securely qualifying more consumers who meet your risk criteria.

Solving financial inclusion with data-driven risk technology

Traditional underwriting processes are plagued with inefficiencies and create friction for banks, lenders, fintechs, HR, real estate companies and their customers.

Approve more international consumers

Credit Referencing Agencies don’t have the data infrastructure in place to assess transactional ability on profiles that don’t have a UK credit file.

Homeppl utilises Open Banking algorithms and data extraction to verify income seamlessly direct from an applicant’s authentic bank statement. We gather richer and more precise financial insights.

Approve self-employed & ‘thin file’ consumers

Self-employed professionals experience considerable friction with credit reference agencies as income sources are more complex to identify than standard employment. This is the same with high net worth individuals.

Our approach puts each applicant through 150+ risk and fraud detection tests to accurately gauge financial affordability much more precisely than standard credit checks.

We guarantee the risk

Once we’ve qualified applicants, no matter their residential or financial history, we assume the risk of the assets and liabilities approved because we’re so confident in the accuracy of our profiling technology.

Our guarantees are valid internationally and payout claims the very same day. As such, these can be upsold as premium financial products to consumers around the globe.

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A win-win-win

Once a consumer submits an application for a financial product with one of our partners, that information reaches us through an integrated API, creating an easy and pleasurable digital experience for their customers.

Through Homeppl’s financial qualification technology, we’re able to build a risk profile that helps approve consumer applications instantly. Once the consumer is approved, the liability attached to that loan can be guaranteed, creating a financially inclusive win-win-win for everyone involved.

challenges we solve

Expanding financial access

How do we increase the application approval rate of our clients by 25% without increasing fraud and risk exposure?
Open banking algorithms
Instant income and affordability verification for consumers.
Document analysis
Unique technology that demonstrates modifications to authentic documents.
Data enrichment
We collect financial, residential, behavioural and digital data for our risk assessments.
Convert bank statements into JSON
As unified code, we retrieve, group, analyse & present actionable affordability insights.

Explore the full power of Homeppl’s technology

Whether you’re looking to reduce fraud loss, onboard customers, make better credit decisions, know more about your customers, reduce operational friction or approve more applications, we have a range of products to serve a range of industries.

Automate underwriting
Reduce operations costs when you automate tedious manual application reviews. Eliminate the risk of human error. Our AML and KYC checks ensure regulatory compliance.
Assess affordability
Create instant financial and affordability insights from any bank statement. Verify income sources, uncover spending behaviour and any suspicious payments activity.
Create financial products
Take advantage of flexible guarantees that work universally. Offer same-day-repay protection on liabilities and assets as a premium financial product.

Assess more applicants, approve more customers

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