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Losses due to UK financial fraud in the first half of 2022. This is only set to increase as economic hardship continues.


Global applications for financial products submitted a year. We’ve found up to 10% of consumers commit loan application fraud by submitting false documents.


of UK citizens are at risk of default in 2022. As the cost of living crisis worsens, more people are turning to loans to cover payments.

Identify application fraud before it becomes costly

Our technology stops fraud in its wake whilst offering richer insights into consumer affordability. Not one or the other.

Document fraud prevention software

Test financial documents against a proven set of fraud detection signals designed to authenticate genuine documents and flag modifications in fraudulent ones.

Verify authentic income sources and unveil fake employment information.

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Build a risk profile devoid of fraud

Homeppl’s full check delves deeper than document analysis to build an accurate risk and affordability profile far more detailed than a standard UK credit check. Each applicant undertakes 150+ fraud, data enrichment, and compliance tests.

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When fraud gets smart, we get smarter

No matter how cunning application fraudsters become, Homeppl will always be one step ahead with a range of powerful AI fraud detection tools. The more documents we examine and the more applications we assess, the bigger and better our algorithms become.

We fish out document manipulation, uncover internet templates and flag any falsehoods in your applicants’ financial backgrounds to protect your company from fraud & credit losses.

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100% of fraud flagged for Knight Frank

Since the leading UK real estate agency selected Homeppl as their financial qualification partner, they saw a 17.5% increase in quality approvals and discovered that 2% of their applications were fraudulent.

We’ve saved them millions in protected contract value and legal proceedings since.

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Next generation application fraud prevention

We’ve saved over £10m in fraud for our clients so far in 2022. Click here to read more about application fraud prevention. Our tools that can save your company millions are:

Open banking algorithms
Instant income and affordability verification for consumers.
Document analysis
Unique-in-the-industry technology that flags modifications via a number of tests.
Data enrichment
We collect financial, residential, behavioural and digital data for our risk assessments.
Fraud database
A growing database of fraudulent & authentic documents to feed our constantly-improving algorithms.

Explore other challenges we solve with our technology

Whether you’re looking to reduce fraud loss, onboard customers, make better credit decisions, know more about your customers, reduce operational friction or approve more applications, we have a range of products to serve a range of industries.

Automate underwriting
Reduce operations costs when you automate tedious manual application reviews. Eliminate the risk of human error. Our AML and KYC checks ensure regulatory compliance.
Assess affordability
Create instant financial and affordability insights from any bank statement. Verify income sources, uncover spending behaviour and any suspicious payments activity.
Create financial products
Take advantage of flexible guarantees that work universally. Offer same-day-repay protection on liabilities and assets as a premium financial product.

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Application fraud, also known as form fraud, refers to the act of providing false or manipulated information during the application process for a financial product, such as a mortgage, loan, a rental agreement for a property...

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15 years on from the UK’s last recession in 2008, technology has advanced far beyond expectations with the online space for cyber criminals creating a number of opportunities to commit a flurry of financial frauds...

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Document fraud refers to the act of creating, altering, or using false documents with the intention to deceive and gain something of value such as money, property, or access to restricted areas, financial products or services...

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Our unique technology can detect 100% of fraudulent applications and one of the most significant elements of our technology stack is our document analysis. It is commonplace to require a bank statement...

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Stop application fraud from affecting your business

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